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new LG LM series for 3D gaming

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question for you LM owner trying to decide which model to get
the 6200, 7600, or 8600 I know the 7600/8600 is at 240Hz does that make a big difference in terms of reducing lag during 3D gaming? thanks
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I own a 55" LM7600 and game extensively with it in both 2D and 3D. The TV has a Game Mode setting and once activated I have never run into any lag issues in any of the games I've played. Even using the TV's 2D>3D conversion feature for games that don't natively support 3D has worked fine for me. I typically only play single player games so I can't speak to how online multiplayer will respond but in terms of the single player experience, once game mode is turned on the TV response feels perfectly natural to me. Recent games I've played on the TV in 3D include:

Halo Anniversary
Avatar (360 version)
3D Infinity (360 indie game)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (360 version)
Tron: Evolution
Wipeout HD
Super Stardust HD
Gran Tourismo 5
Uncharted 3
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I recently got a 55" LM7600. Haven't play a lot of games on it, but I do experience more lag when I play Battlefield 3 online multiplayer, when I have the 2D->3D feature on. The control is way too sticky to aim correctly, like a split second delay on you aim/movement. Playing it in 2D, there is much less aiming lag, but still a little (but can't tell if its just the game or the TV, as BF3 always have a little bit aim lag a few months back, and its been a while since I play it again). Probably won't affect single player games much.

In terms of the 240Hz, I don't think it has much to do with gaming lag, but it makes things move smoother. I like watching movies with that smooth look. If the game lag, it still lags regardless of 120 or 240.
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When I game, I turn off trumotion and local dimming and the TV seemed to have a lot less input lag.
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Got an lm6700 and mk9 respone is instant. I dont feel any lag like my old vizio.

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