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Perimeter Security

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I am looking to set up a perimeter security for my house and basically am looking for some suggestions. I am based in UK and perimeter security at home has not really been something that has being routine but due to an increase in theft of vehicles from the driveway has led me to examine the option. I believe in the USA such things are reasonably popular.

Basically the house is surrounded by gardens on 3 sides and a 7 foot wall + gate on the front. The house is set back about 14 m from the the wall and is 14 m side to side. What I wish to do is detect human intruders if they cross into the driveway/garden by either jumping over the front wall or via the neighbours garden. The idea being if they break the sensor then lights are triggered, as is a cctv/IP camera system (also something to buy) and as well as recording a message is sent to pc/iphone.

I have been reading about dakota systems, optex systems etc and bascially want something that is reasonably reliable but do not wish to go overboard either.

Any suggestions please?
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I think you need an alarm system, if you want notifications.

Not sure what's available in the UK. Elk and HAI are popular DIY systems in the US, but these are also commonly pro installed too.

Do it yourself, or pro-installed? Might be worth it to price the pro installed, as it may be more affordable than you think.

If pro installed, find a good installer first, and let him use the hardware he thinks is best.
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A noisy dog whether small like a Corgi, or big like a Golden Retriever or Irish Setter that will bark to tell people, that they are in the dog's territory, is the best alarm that money can by.

Problem with perimeter alarms, is that there can be false alarms, and if they are set up with lights to come on, when someone crosses the beam, you could end up pissing some neighbors off, if the lights keep coming on when they want, not when they are needed, or do not turn on at all.

As for audible or visual alarms, some people get to the point, that if they never get a notification, they end up getting lazy and turning the system off after a while. Best bet, go with the dog option first.
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I was thinking dual-tech motion sensors, tied to the alarm system.
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The house is alarms, but intruders have climbed our wall and been sniffing around at the cars. Dogs unfortunately do not seem much of a deterrent these days.

Is dual tech a pir?

How about things like the dakota or optex beams?
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Talk to your alarm installer. He will have very specific recs, for different price points.
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Originally Posted by Nabs3000 View Post

How about things like the dakota or optex beams?
I was looking at using beams for exterior security, but never got around to implementing it. The idea was to have it trigger my controller which would turn on the strobes, exterior lights and chirp the siren. Just enough to get someone's attention. However, I didn't want that to happen just because somebody came to the house and it was armed. So instead I made sure my strobe, siren box and plenty of cameras were visible - along with a nice sized lawn sign hoping that would be enough of a deterent for them to go somewhere else.
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