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Receiver Upgrade - Recommendations Please

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I just picked up a Panasonic 55ST30 Plasma 3D TV and am ready to upgrade my receiver to one with 3D. I am going to use my PS3. I currently have Polk Monitor 70's as my fronts and Mirage Nanosat Center, Rears, and Sides. I am using an Epic Sentinel sub. Trying to get the best bang for the buck, so I was thinking Refurb from Accessories4Less. Room size is 15x20. My budget max is $700
Here is what they currently have, please give me your thoughts. I currently using an Onkyo TS604 and have loved it since buying it 5 years ago and have never had an issue. I know the 809's have had troubles, hoping the refurbs received some upgrading or repairs to what was going wrong, but not sure. Thanks in advance for your opinions and help. I watch more movies, tv, and gaming than listen to music. But music may come later, but movies, tv, and gaming are my priority.

DENON AVR-3312CI $649.99

DENON AVR-3311CI $599.99

Onkyo TX-NR809 $589.99

MARANTZ SR6006 $679.99

MARANTZ SR6005 $549.99

Marantz SR5006 $499.99

DENON AVR-2312CI $499.99

For my setup, if you don't think I need to spend the max, I am fine with getting what is suitable for my speaker setup, since they are all new.
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Bueller..........Bueller..........Bueller............anyone. ......anyone

Lots of views and no replies
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You aren't getting any responses because there really isn't much to choose between among those receivers. They're all fine. You need to make a checklist of the features you want and find the receiver that best matches that list. The higher priced ones will tend to have more features. Personally I'm biased toward Marantz, but that's just a personal preference.
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What Seldon said.

The Onkyo is the better value but the 2312 is probably all you really need.
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