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Hi All,

Currently have the AV cables but am looking into buying the HDMI offered to hook into my Onkyo 609....Will I see much of a difference? Is it worth the purchase?
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The visual difference shouldn't be any better than the component cables. It's more a convenience than anything - 1 hdmi cable rather than 5 components. I don't own the Wii2HDMI product but I read this from another AVS user.
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There's no point. Your 609 should internally convert component to HDMI, and at better quality than the kind-of-crap Wii HDMI dongle. Just make sure you get component from your Wii instead of the default composite and you'll be good to go.
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You won't see any quality difference but the ability to pass AV through one cable AND use your Onkyo for switching duties is pretty amazing. If you haven't shelled out the dough for Wii component cables then I say it's worth it. If you're like me and already own component cables the ~$50 for the hdmi adapter is a tough pill to swallow just for a little convenience.
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Has anyone gotten the Wii to connect to a Denon 3313ci, successfully? I have tried the component video cables with the Wii but cannot get it to convert and display on the TV via the HDMI connection between the Denon and the TV. I bought a converter to HDMI and it works great Wii to TV but not Wii to Denon to TV - get no audio or video from the Wii via HDMI or composite approach. I got the converter because I want to be able to use the Wii on Zone 1 or Zone 2 video. I have a playstation as well that works perfect but it is native HDMI.

I have checked the manual and the only thing I can figure out is that the Wii possibly doesn't support HDCP but haven't been able to confirm.
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Your problem is in receiver setup, not what the Wii is spitting out. Go ask in the 3313 forum in order to get a useful answer.

HDCP is not a requirement for HDMI, it is optional.
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Looking to hook a Wii up to a new tv with hdmi. The tv only has one component port and I need to use it for something else. There seems to be many Wii to hdmi converter boxes out there, my main question is will this add any additional lag or delay when playing the Wii? The new tv is pretty responsive just using the white, red and yellow cords that came with the Wii (manufacture claims 8ms response time with "game mode" turned on)

Does a Wii hdmi converter cause additional game lag?

Does anyone own, or know what Wii Hdmi is the best? Or is there any that are just bad?

VDIGI VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler
KanaaN Wii HDMI Converter
ViewHD Wii to HDMI 720P / 1080P HD Output Upscaling Converter
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At a minimum the HDMI converter will add 16ms, though it may be more. That is also the minimum that your TV is adding converting from composite to digital RGB internally. I haven't seen anyone do proper tests with Rock Band 2 guitars or anything, but I also haven't seen anyone complaining that the HDMI converters are slow and laggy.

You can probably brand them with a "fast enough" logo for the most part. smile.gif

Or you can buy a component video auto-switch.
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