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Streaming An HD Radio Station Via Slingbox

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When I got into HD radio I found a station I like, but now that I bought another vehicle that doesn't have HD radio I am considering getting an HD radio and connecting it via Slingbox so I can stream it to my Android phone. By any chance has anybody here tried this? I suspect that just about any HD receiver would work, provided that I don't want to change stations. If I do want to re-tine, then I suspect a receiver that has infra red remote control is on order. Does anybody have any suggestions on an HD tuner with a remote control that would be suitable for this application?
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Does the station you want to listen to have an Internet stream you can listen to directly from your Android phone?

Failing that wouldn't replacing the radio in your vehicle be simpler and cheaper?
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That is a good point. It looks like they are on iHeart, so I may go that route. I picked up a Slingbox Solo last week, but I returned it today and got the Slingbox PRO HD. I like to listen to TV audio and this has an ATSC tuner and will take three sources. I have a DISH Network 722k satellite receiver and it might be two of the sources. I was thinking that since I have a third input I might just put it to use. My other thought is to streaming audio from a scanner. I wouldn't be able to remotely control it, but something is better than nothing.

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You could also put an add-on HD Radio tuner in your car such as the Visteon Zoom. They are cheap on Ebay often, and they work quite well.
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A few years ago and before Tune in radio had scanner feeds I connected my scanner to slingbox audio input and put my home security camera on the video input.
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I guess you could use a cheap (even B&W) video camera to show the front of the radio, so you could remotely tune it.
I wish manufacturers would bring the front-panel display graphics out as a composite video, for that same sort of purpose. Putting the radio on a whole-house modulator would be easy then, too.
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