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Insignia NS-HDRAD

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I was looking around at http://www.hdradio.com/ and it shows an Insignia NS-HDRAD http://www.hdradio.com/buyers-guide/receiver http://www.hdradio.com/buyers-guide/...ignia-ns-hdrad I guess despite what some people say about Best Buy, they have probably had more HD radios than anybody just lately!
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I also see an NS-CLHD01, which is more expensive but has more features (including AM!).

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I clicked on the official website and it looks like it is the Narrator that we are expecting this summer.

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That is great there is more selection, but I am sorry, the focus is in the wrong area.
Table radios? really?

We need to see more PORTABLE INTEGRATION. Get HDradio into smart phones and i-whatevers. Get it on tablets too.

There is a really nice selection of Automobile HD radios at Crutchfield's website. Heck it was nice to walk into Best Buy and buy a Pioneer car stereo off the shelf for $120.
Looking forward to seeing it more standard in cars.
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I bought the NS-HDRAD to listen at work, and I am thrilled with it. We have a local AM station that I cannot get in the office which broadcasts on HD3 on an FM channel. I tried streaming, but my company doesn't allow it over their network, and I didn't want to zap all of my data. Anyway, this worked perfectly. I love the choice of an external antenna or using the antenna that is built in.
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I bought one of these last week while BB had it on sale, and I'm really happy with it. One of my local AMs is on an FM HD2, and it blows the analog AM away!
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Insignia NS HDRAD
Really is a portable.Be sure to read the reviews over at BB before you buy.The REAL table top got bad reviews.
Soft touch buttons.The NS HDRAD has more of a click to them.

Have 2 NS HDRAD's.
Put 4 AA batteries in mine took it for a spin in my truck.The signal on 98.5 HD2 DID not waver at all !!
Drove a 2 mile round trip to N.DeKalb mall and back.
Only had the antenna out to the 1st stage.

Wanted 1 of these for years.Sadly frys no longer has the sony xdrf1hd.

Always had trouble with 97.1.
get both with 2 stages pulled out(97.1 and HD2)

Look forward to the next sale at BB.

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I am under the impression that the $100 radio has a real F connector, but the $50 has NO "F" connector. Is that correct or am I way off base?
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My Pioneer VSX-821 has an F connector.
But NO HD.

The little NS-HDRAD has no F connector
Has HD.

Let's put it this way.
In 1972 my brother and i put our money together and bought our 1st receiver.
The Pioneer SX-626 and were blown away by the sound.

1994 Bought a Carver HR-772 again blown away by the sound.

The same holds true with the insignia NS-HDRAD--A mighty Might.

The sony componant type tuner probably does have F connect.Model XDRF1HD was at a sub 100 price at Frys-They may have
put on sale last week.Amazon has it at a much higher price.
Right now the NS-HDRAD is playing 90.1 HD2 with the antenna folded Down!!!!!!!!
Look for it on sale again at BB.

It just really bugs me now that every radio should have HD capability by now.But don't.
I have 2 of these and will safely say 2 more in the next 6 months if not sooner.
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Something else.The antenna match with this radio is a really good .
I have a GE that was good in it's day.But you have to move the
antenna alot to pick up certain stations.It will be replaced with 1 of

In fact the NS-HDRAD is similar in size to the GE.

I had actually bought it as a gift.I wanted to check it out--Box opens easily from the bottom,
plug it in--immediately herd Great Sound from this little item!
Went out and bought another for myself.

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Quick Guide Set-Up:

#13 Pigtail antenna socket(35 mm)

Both my radios did come with a 35 mm line........just took the tie off........6' long.
It doesn't show that it is included....so if your wondering what that little bunch of wire is,it is your outboard mini antenna.

over at amazing..
Just orderd a mini to rca to go from my radio to HT.
Free shipping total sub 3 bucks.
Belkin Audio Y splitter.

That is #16 on your quick guide.Head phone jack on the side of the radio. 3.5mm plug.

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Hi fellow music lovers:

I was looking for a good HD radio receiver, since I was not happy with the sound of standard FM broadcast. I was disappointed to learn that brand names like Sangeon and Sony are no longer available and the used ones are rather expensive on EBAY. I also did not want to spend $200+ on a Sherwood HD Receiver.

Then, I found this Insignia NS-HDRAD at Best Buy for $51 and I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The FM only radio worked OK right out of box. The sensitivity and selectivity is better than my 40+ year old name brand big iron stereo receiver. When I connect the headphone phone plug to my powered speakers, it sounded sounded so good. that I listened to it for several hours straight. It is amazing what a small thing like this can do.

You really should give it a try if you are considering a HD radio. You do need to connect it to your better amplifier and speakers to do it justice.

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Yea Tim
I had wanted to try one for a couple of years.I bought a VSX 821 Pioneer this time last year.
It sounds better than the Carver it replaced.It is model HR-772.The tech for the carver goes back to
1994.The Bass is still tremendous with the carver.

Anyway got my Y adapter hooked it up to the front rca connections of the pioneer.
The HD radio does come alive through it.

Maybe with time HD radio will be available in most HT Receivers.

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