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Global Cache iTach Wifi2IR and IR Blaster

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Ok I am getting really frustrated with the Blaster part of this.

I am in a condo, the DLP TV 4 sony 995's a pany BR player and a few smaller devices. My living room is about 14 ft across but with the tv its about 11ft from back wall to the TV.

I have the IRBlaster on top of the TV pointing at the wall and it has been working ok for a few months.

Well I had to move a few things around, and for the life of me I can't get the blaster to work consistently covering the devices. The blaster itself only moved 4-6" but some how no matter how I point it I am not getting the same coverage for all the devices.

The question really breaks down to whats the IR spread and whats the best way to spray the room with a single transmitter ?

next is the IRBlaster port have enough power to drive 2 emitters ?

I have seen a few of the dual IR emitters and thought that maybe one route.

Next question is will the iTach drive the 2 and 3 head IR button emitters ?

Thanks for any info you can pass along

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G'day Rob,
Have you checked which port the blaster is plugged into on the itach and have you then checked that, that port has been configured on the itach as a blaster.
Also, the dual emitters do work, I use three dual emitters on one of my itachs currently.
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bucket - Thanks, I doubled checked that the settings in the iTach didn't change, it is still set Port 3 to IRBLASTER and the other 2 ports are set as IR Out.

I may end up and use some 3 head buttons but that kind of defeats having the IR blaster for the devices that I should be able to control that way. I wanted to save the buttons for duplicate devices ( 995's 4+ )

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Have you tried port two as the ir blaster. I sometimes get the port 1 and port 3 mixed up.
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Well via the itach info the blaster has to go into the 3rd port and that never changed from working great to not working so good frown.gif

I think my next step is to try something like this : http://www.amazon.com/TiVo-Head-IR-Emitter-Blaster/dp/B0054MAVXA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1338998915&sr=8-4

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Can you tell me if it worked, thanks in advance
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I haven't messed with it in a while because I just haven't been home a lot. First time firing up the system was to watch Batman Dark Knight Returns pt1 and Avengers.

I'll look into picking one up when things slow down at work.

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