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Samsung BD-E5900

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Didn't see a thread about this particular drive. Doesn't seem to be much different than a 6500 other than the loading mechanism. Is that the case?

This wouldn't have been my choice of a BD player, but it was a throw in with an extended warranty buy.

Anyone have experience with this player yet? I'd be interested if it has the same RGB issues as the 6500.
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May I know if I can connect this player to my TV via a hdmi to component converter. Current TV does not have hdmi slot.
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Originally Posted by mdax View Post

May I know if I can connect this player to my TV via a hdmi to component converter. Current TV does not have hdmi slot.
I don't know if it will work with an adapter or not. I don't have one to test with.

The player itself is slow to load. The app interface is terrible. It is difficult to see what apps you have and you can't un-install a bunch of the useless pre-installed stuff. The filter for browsing available apps is useless. The only filter that would be useful is "Installed apps", but that one doesn't exist.

It sporadically loses the internet connection. Right in the middle of streaming video it will disconnect and ask me to log in again.

It doesn't see my Tversity stream, although it does see Windows streaming. Again, it will stream audio for a bit and then disconnect and ask me to log in again.

The video quality with all the processing crap turned off is pretty good, so as a pure blu-ray player it does a good job.
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During audio, mp3 playback, is there a way to toggle a screen saver so I don't get any IR?

The interface just keeps staying on, I would think it would go to a screen saver after so many minutes of listening to mp3 files only.
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Originally Posted by leftyguitar1963 View Post

During audio, mp3 playback, is there a way to toggle a screen saver so I don't get any IR?
The interface just keeps staying on, I would think it would go to a screen saver after so many minutes of listening to mp3 files only.
I don't recall seeing a screen saver setting, but the display does time out after about 10 minutes on my setup. It could be the TV or the receiver though. I'll see if I can figure that out and let you know. Again, as a blu-ray player this unit seems pretty good. The streaming capabilities are awful.
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I can get 'Vimeo' to work well without any buffering issues, but 'Youtube' app can't get through a few seconds of viewing without buffering. My isp is Fios, 50/35, so buffering should never be an issue.


i went into the admin on my fios router & changed the 'DMZ' setting to full access on my -e5700 only & now youtube vids never lock up anymore. i might end up keeping this afterall.
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I was wanting something new that would play Blu-Ray, but mainly access live streaming video feeds, and websites, and play my videos, dvds, and music from my server. I have been using the PS3, but its web interface is painful.

I just bought this player at Sears, since their advert said it had a built in web browser "and could do everything a computer could do, using your big screen TV".

First thing I did after accepting WAY to many user agreements, was upgrade the software to the latest version.

Then pulled up the web interface, and found even at the fastest speed, entering a URL took WAY to long. Not that it mattered, because the three live video sites I went to, one would just display red "X"'s where the video player was supposed to be, and the other two played one or two frames of video a second, froze, and caused me to have to figure out how to reboot it.

I then tried accessing my PlayOn server. While all the content showed up, trying to play any of it resulted in a "Invalid Video" error. Retrying the same video again resulted in a "Check Network connection" error, and the server disappeared off the menu. I verified it was still running with my laptop.

I had this unit hooked up with ethernet, so it wasnt anything wifi related. It just seems to me its networking is REALLY flaky, and its way to underpowered to display video from internet sites.

Since the first two items claimed failed to work, I didnt even bother testing anything else. I just put it back in the box, and took it back to Sears.
Guess Ill stick with the PS3 after all.
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The networking on this is terrible. Mine just decides it isn't on the network anymore randomly right in the middle of streaming. Horrible versions of apps that run fine on my XBOX. Basically this is a Blu-ray player only.
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I have this player, and am having problems getting it to play 3D. The menu come up asking if I want 2D or 3D, I select 3D, and it never plays 3D. Anyone else having issues like that?

BTW...I'm playing to an Epson 5010e Projector.
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I just an open box of this item from Best Buy for $69.99. How is this unit? I don't have a 3dtv, would that affect anything? I played 1 blue ray disc in it so far, Gangs of NY and it ran fine and the picture seemed brilliant. I was having trouble with the smart apps though, especially the internet browser which seems to be stuck on loading after more than 5 minutes.
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I purchased this player on black friday. Returned it after a few days later. My only problem, was the apps, web browser, and I would have to enter my wireless password every time I turned it on. But 3d and playing blue ray worked fine for the time I had it.
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I checked the Amazon.com reviews and lots of people there are having trouble with the internet browser which just seems to hang on startup..... eek.....
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I just picked up one of these guys to have a 3D capable player when I upgrade my TV eventually, but mostly because I wanted to to be able to stream video content from my network.

It seems to do this just fine, up to a point, but I'm having problems getting it to recognize certain files. The "AllShare" system finds the folder all right, and it shows most of the videos in the Shared Video folder that I have set up, but some of them don't show up. They are h264 mp4 files just like the others in the folder, but they just won't show up in AllShare for some reason.

If I take the same file and put it on a thumb drive and insert it into the USB port, the file is there and it plays fine.

Hopefully I can figure this out. I'm going to check out my older Samsung blu-ray player and see if the files are down on that one.
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I haven't figured out how to get all share to work from my galaxy 3 to the e-5900........
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I've got this BluRay player because it came bundled with a recent Samsung PN51e7000 Plasma TV.

The HD Picture is great on this. I was using a cheap Magnavox Blu Ray player we got as a gift a couple of years back, but I really think the Samsung puts out a better, more detailed picture.

It's nice to have it paired with a Samsung TV. If both devices are off and I hit the Eject button on the BR player, the TV will power on and automatically switch to BDWise mode and select the correct source. Very convenient.

The remote controls are mostly cross compatible. For example, you can't get to the Audio controls, for the BR, menu with the TV remote.

My AVR (Harman Kardon AVR 247) is only HDMI 1.3 compliant so I have the BR player hooked straight to the TV, then a digital coax out to my AVR. There are four audio choices when I do this:

1. PCM (basically 2 channel)
2. Uncompressed Bitstream
3. Recompressed DTS (the player decodes the audi then sends it out as DTS)
4. Recompressed Dolby Digital (same as above but DD)

So far I think the sound is best with Option 2. But my AVR doesn't do True HD or DTS - HD. My AVR usually defaults to Dolby D EX (even though I only have a 5.1 system). I can pick Dolby ProLogic Iix but not sure if that's better sounding or not. Have spent some time with audio, but not hours.

Not sure if the auto sensing, BD-Wise thing would work if I was doing pass through on an AVR.

It's a nice player. I don't use any of the 'smart' stuff. Even on the TV I just don't find it that useful. I find the $8 a month for all of the premium streaming apps to be a bit of a waste. smile.gif I'm a frugal bastard who doesn't rarely watches old (netflix) movies. smile.gif

Was great to get it as part of a bundle!
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What exactly is BDwise mode?
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Has anyone actually got the internet browser to work on this unit? Mine just freezes when it is loading.
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BD wise mode, from what I can tell, is a technology which provides for another 'setting' when pairing a Samsung BRD player and TV. It defaults to what it determines (don't ask me how) to be the best settings (contrast, cell light, dark tones, gamma, size etc) for the source media and the situation.

It also makes turning everything on simple. For example, if my tv and BRD player are off and I hit the eject button on the BRD, the TV will automatically come on, switch to the appropriate HDMI setting and go to BDWise mode (as opposed to Movie, standard, Dynamic, Relax). When turning the BRD player off the TV will switch back to the previous HDMI source. Usually STB for me.

Also, you aren't stuck with the per-determined, default BD Wise settings. I tweaked mine to my liking. It's effectively another 'custom' setting mode for me.

Hope that helps!
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i have two of these units , e5900 to go w/ my pn51e7000 plasma and a second to go w/ a non samsung plasma and have had terrible problems with internet connecting and streaming. it is hard to watch a movie b/c of the buffering, though some movies play ok, like wild alaska and planet earth via netflix. The blu ray and 3d works but the streaming is frustrating me to the point i'll need ot return them but really would like to stick to samsung given some of teh compatibility benefits
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Just curious why you would use the e5900 for streaming on your PN51e7000 when the e7000 has the same Smart Hub, but is also dual processor equipped (so in theory should be a more responsive experience).

Not suggesting that if you have a problem with the e5900 you shouldn't get it resolved, but I have the same setup and have not bothered to stream with the BR player. Just seems the TV would be better at it.
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Hello everyone,
Has anyone been able to resolve the internet connection issues with the BD-E5900? I am able to connect to my router without any problems, and it states connected to the internet, but when trying to use netflix, it is so slow and never comes up with anything other than the splash screen.

I am using Centruy Link with 20Mb download speed. All my computers are connected to this same router and work just fine, so it is something to do with the player and the connection.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Just bought one of these last night. Setup was easy, had a few updates to do.

Question I have is, how to get it to see the content of my folders on my PC. lap top, and media network box? It see's the folders, video, music pictures, but when I go to that folder, it is empty, just the folder with the up arrow shows.
These are all shared folders, on the network, the media box has a DNLA plug-in as well as an i-tunes plug-in, Both PC's show up, folders show, but no content show and I know the files are there. All folders are shared.

I had a older version of the blu ray player, forgot the model, and the content would show up most of the time, sometimes it wouldn't.

Any idea what I am doing wrong??

Never mind, I needed "AllShare" and I control the content via the laptop. Was hoping for something that the blu ray box would allow me to pick rather than use another device to pick and choose.
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The Internet seems to be terrible on this model.
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Can this player stream Amazon Instant Video?
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I did some research.

I have a Samsung UN46EH5300 and it does great with the Amazon app.

However, their Blu-Ray players are another story. They do not have the Amazon app. Here' a transcript from a chat with them two days ago:
Powell: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Visitor: A quck question:
Powell: Please go ahead.
Visitor: I have a Samsung Smart TV and it does great streaming Amazon Instant Video. But, I have older TV's in the house and want to make them "smart". Will Blu-Ray players like the BD-E5900 or BD-E6500 stream Amazon Instant Video?
Powell: I understand that you want to know if you connect Blu-ray player BD-E5900 or BD-E6500 to TV, if you can access Amazon app or not.
Powell: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
Powell: I'm sorry to inform you that Amazon app is not yet available for Blu-ray players. You can connect the player to TV and access other apps on the player.
Visitor: Do you know if the app will be added or if it will be included on the upcoming 7500?
Powell: I'm sorry, we don't have any information about it.
Visitor: Thank you.

I'd love to use their Blu-Ray player so I have a similar interface in both rooms but right now cannot.

You can get a list of all Instant Video devices from the Amazon web site. http://www.amazon.com/gp/video/ontv/devices#Bluray
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I had a weird error message on the some Discovery Channel Blu-Rays, but they went away the next day. Other than that, I've had an OK experience. Anyone who expects a web browser to work on a Blu-Ray player is asking WAY too much. If you want a web browser, get a PC. I find this thing is OK for playing discs, kind of pisses me off that there's no native mode, but oh well. I can go in and manually change it if I'm going to watch a lot of DVDs and want the DVDO EDGE to handle it. I've never seen a Blu-Ray player with good internet functionality, I have a Roku for that.
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I used the web browser yesterday, along with a wireless keyboard and mouse and while it was not lightning fast, it was very useable. I fail to see what some are not happy about when using it.

I see that there is now a Red Box app. I installed it and when I run it I get a blank screen. After going to their web site https://www.redboxinstant.com , I found that the program is in Beta. I can hardly wait for then to turn on the server!
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can youtube app run in 1080p ?
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So still no word if the Verizon Fios app is every coming to this unit?
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how fast is the curser supposed to move? i got fed up because using the "up/down/right/left" keys the curser took about 6 seconds to go accross the screen (like when you had to get to the right side to scroll down). the unit was refurbished, so i don't know if the problem is with the unit or if the damn thing is supposed to be that slow.
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