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Need help with replacement for Denon AVR590

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Hey guys, we're looking to replace our Denon AVR590 (has some HDMI issues with our HTPC that we cant seem to resolve) with a new receiver. Not looking to "upgrade" neccesarily, just purchase one that in the ballpark of $250-350 that will serve the same purpose.

The setup is 5.1 with polk bookshelves and a polk center channel, all in all about 400 worth of speakers, subwoofer is an eD A2-300. This system is in the upstairs living room and is mainly used for music listening during parties, grills, get togethers, or while cooking. Secondary use is movie or tv watching via an HTPC. The HTPC is based on the intel HD2000 graphics subsystem which transfers audio over HDMI to the receiver and then the receiver is connected to a panny P50v10 tv.

Tertiary use would be an occasional gaming system if we have kids over or someone else wants to use it.

We're looking at the Yamaha RX-V571BL, and the Pioneer-VSX921K.

Ive read that onkyo have been having issues as of late. I would like to avoid denon if possible.

Between these two receivers it loks like the Yamaha is more feature heavy, but the pioneer should have better sound? Also, ive read the UI on the pioneer is dismal vs the yamaha being actually quite good.
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I would go with the Yamaha
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There is not really a sound quality advantage either way. The difference will be if Yamaha's YPAO does better with your system or if Pioneer's MCACC works better with your system. The only problem with YPAO and MCACC is that they will not eq a subwoofer. If you have been using MultEQ that is on the 590 you might notice a decrease in sound quality in the bass areas when using YPAO or MCACC.

I will say that the last Pioneer that I used seemed to be underpowered. I came from a Denon 1508 to Pioneer 1020 and I thought the 1020 ran out of gas quicker than the Denon. There were at pretty loud levels that you may never listen to though. Also I believe the amps in the x21 series were a little better than the x20 series. I have not used a Yamaha in over 10 years but they have always been known as a reliable brand. I think its pretty much a toss up between the two so I would compare features and see which one better fits your needs. If sound quality is the number one concern I think I stay with Denon and get the 1712 because of MultEQ XT. That is just my opinion from using MultEQ, MultEQ XT and MCACC. YMMV
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Welp, decided to pick up an SR7005 to rep the 5003 and bring the 5003 upstairs to rep the Denon. So, upgrade lol ;-).
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