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New ATI driver install killed Blu-Ray playback

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Hi all. smile.gif So I have an odd issue.

Hardware that matters listed: ATI 4670 & Samsung HD 1080 HDCP compliant TV running on Windows 7. Currently hooked up with DVI to HDMI (it doesnt matter as I can watch movies from DVI to HDMI, but I also tested an HDMI to HDMI cable)

My home theater PC was working fine for 3+ years with an Nvidia 8600GT. One day my hard drive crashed, so I rebuilt my system with a new drive and upgraded the video card slightly to an ATI 4670 with Windows 7 again. After windows installed, I installed WinDVD 11 and I can immediately watch Blu-Rays on the TV.

Directly after installing new ATI drivers, I get a nasty error message from WinDVD that the movie is not supported in the viewing environment or something along those lines. I haven't bothered to hit the Corel forums because..well..why? It worked perfectly until I installed the ATI drivers. I uninstall the ATI drivers and I still can't watch movies now. The ATI install fudged up the HDCP key somewhere and I can't find a solution. Of course I've tried to reinstall WinDVD, and that did not fix it. I also downloaded the trial of Arcsoft's Total Media Player, and same thing. I get an error about my hardware not being supported...but it is. In both players, the movie starts for about 5s then the player belches out the error message.

I mean, literally, my steps were Win7 install, install WinDVD, watch Blu-Ray (using Microsoft's generic drivers), install ATI drivers, can't movie play Blu-Ray. I'm using the 8600GT in another system. Could I simply put the 8600GT back in my Theatre PC? Sure, but come on. Shouldn't something as silly as this just work? I'm at the point of just buying another NVIDIA card or reinstalling Windows 7 and keeping MS's basic video drivers which worked.

Does anyone have any idea what the ATI is doing to the HDCP key (which I think is the problem) and how I can fix it? And why would it leave it broken even after uninstalling the ATI drivers? I did some searching here, and the general consensus seems to be HDMI with ATI is a bit of a hit and miss.
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Very weird!
Of all the problems with ATI/Nvidia, its been a while since anyone has had a problem with simple playback.
I would think that generic drivers wouldn't work rather than the other way around.
Have you installed all hardware drivers for your system including the chipset?
What file types are you trying to play? Disc, ISO, MKV etc.?
AMD's drivers may have a lot of problems but simple playback is not something they screw up.
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Chipset drivers? Hmm. Haven't even bothered with them. Windows 7 installed the generic ones just fine, and device manager shows no issues. Ya think it would make a difference?

File Type? I have no clue. All I'm doing is just putting the Blu-Ray in the drive, starting up the player and away it goes. I'm not ripping up files or anything. Just simple play disc and go.
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If you wish to play only discs then a PC is useless compared to a standalone player.
BD playback on a PC only made sense when CE players used to cost $400 and more.
Nowadays, you can find BD players for $50.
My advice to you: spend the money and buy a standalone player and work on the PC at your leisure. Don't make it your primary BD player.

With regards to chipset, I would strongly recommend installing all available drivers as well as all Windows updates.

My installs always progress in the following order:

Windows 7
Chipset (AMD & Intel both have an auto-detect feature)
Windows Updates
BD Software
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Oh don't get me wrong. We use this PC for all sorts of other things. It used to be my Sage server before Comcast went digital. Later down the road, I'll be buying a Hauppauge digital tuner so I can have monster recording space again, and to use the Sage interface which I love. Family comes over and plays games on it, browse the internet, I use iTunes in it at parties with the trippy back ground iTunes puts on the TV, etc. It's not just a glorified Blu-Ray player. I just haven't installed anything on it other than what I have mentioned to keep things simple with my problem.

I'm going to install the Chipset drivers. If that doesn't do the trick, I'm going to reinstall W7 and follow your list exactly and hope for the best. I'll be back in 2 hours or so. biggrin.gif For some odd reason, SP1 feels like it takes longer to install than the install of W7 itself. tongue.gif
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Did so in the exact sequence you described - still can't watch Blu-Rays. WinDVD: "....environment not suitable for playing protected content..." I didn't try Total Media Player, but I'm sure it also won't work again.

So far, the only fix for this is reinstall windows. Silly me forgot to set a restore point, but I'm going to try it during this new install. I think the ATI driver is somehow breaking HDCP, and there is no way to fix it. Uninstalling the ATI driver sure doesn't do it. So if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm probably going to go back to NVIDIA for this PC. I find it kinda silly having to stay with generic video drivers if there is no fix for whatever the ATI driver is doing.
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Just revert to an older working driver.
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Do you have dual outputs/multiple monitors, VGA connection or anything other than a single HDMI output going from your PC to the TV?
I have used ATI's first HD2400 cards on an AGP board and every series from HD 2, 3, 4, 5 & now 6000; and I can tell you ATI/AMD has never let me down yet.
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Only one cable attached to the card going to the TV.

So then I wonder how old of a driver I need to find that works with the card.
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So I discovered even a restore point can't fix it. ATM, the only thing that I know of that can fix playing movies after installing ATI drivers are:

1) Use Slysoft AnyDVD which somehow disables HDCP. Who knows how long AnyDVD can do that for.
2) Reinstall Windows.
3) Get an Nvidia card.
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Geesh. Sounds frustrating. Make sure you remove all traces of the previous ATI driver before installing the other one.
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I recommend Driver Sweeper . Make sure you run it in safe mode and be VERY careful what you "sweep" Driver Sweeper has no mercy . If you sweep it ... IT IS GONE

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This may sound crazy, but try a different HDMI cable between the PC and the display. On my setup( ATI 4550 to Panasonic receiver) if the cable is a meter or less long I will get HDCP errors in TMT3 when trying to play a Bluray. Using a longer cable eliminates the error. I think there's a timing/handshake issue with the shorter cable.
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That's an interesting fact! Thanks, but I did already..kinda of. I've tried DVI to HDMI and an HDMI to HDMI. But what I haven't tried is a completely different HDMI cable. Hmm....
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Originally Posted by Flybye View Post

That's an interesting fact! Thanks, but I did already..kinda of. I've tried DVI to HDMI and an HDMI to HDMI. But what I haven't tried is a completely different HDMI cable. Hmm....

Also, you could try a different card while you are at it.
A HD5450 runs for less than $20 and is handy to have around for trouble-shooting.
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LOL...well guys. I used the driver that came with the video card on the CD and everything is good. Ya know, I'm always used to immediately getting new drivers. tongue.gif but oh well. I'm not going to stress it anymore. It's running, SP1 is on there, I no longer have black bars on the edge of the pictures, Blu-Rays look and sound great. Everything is perfect...except I'm using 6+ month old drivers. rolleyes.gif

Thank you all for all the suggestions!
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My three rules of running an HTPC.

Use imaging sw to back up your system.
Never let windows update your system.
Once you get everything working don't fool with it. If you must like I do then you will break something for sure. That's why rule #1 is so important!biggrin.gif
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That is great to hear that installing he original ATI drivers from the cd worked.

I find pcs and windows very frustrating. We talk about "old" as being 6 months. In the scheme of things that isn't old. Ugg

I think the advice of making a full image backup of your pc is also good advice. As you found out, restore points are not strong enough - changes that were made persist through the restore.

What driver version (and ATI video card) are you using. If you post hat I can bookmark the info as a "this recipe is golden and does work"
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Imaging...is on the list of things to do. biggrin.gif

ATI 4670 1GB
Catalyst 11.11 Released November 11th, 2011.

Yep, and so I discovered restore points are useless. There really is nothing like a complete image.

Some day, when video card manufacturers no longer need to advertise "HDCP ready," I'm sure the universe will be in balance again. wink.gif
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