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The "sleeping at the switch" is kinda a private joke from another industry related to where I work, but it was in reference to it listed on Amazon. I did check a month or two after it went on sale, but that was well before August. I never checked since.
This would probably account for the majority of their sales.

I still stand by what I sated many times in the past (almost) three years, this still has possibilities, but not with the individuals that have control. In almost three years, no product should have this many flaws. The sorry thing is, half of that list of 70 issues could (should) be easily of fixed by knowledgeable software/firmware writers/coders! The other sorry thing is, there are members here that have offered help (for free), but it was ignored.

Anyway, that issue/quirk with your situation, have you tried another TV (or monitor)? It sounds as it may be issue between the DVR & the TV. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by ATSC-OTC-EPGDVR View Post

videobruce, No not at all, but Allen Chang seems to be ;0) His e-mail about your hard drive, more or less says it all, it made me laugh at his technical staff (“engineers”) and realize that if I had found your comments on this product first I would not have bought it!
I shot myself in the foot and gave it two stars on Amazon and reference your post for others to read… if you have already solved the problems I mentioned, sorry I missed them, I only have limited time at my PC (my 11 mo old daughter keeps me very busy ;0)
Copy of review...
Not ready for prime time!, November 13, 2012
By Fixitguy -
This review is from: Full HD 1080p Dual Tuner Digital HDTV Recorder, Receiver and Media Center Box (Electronics)
I have had the unit for over a month and can't recommend it... After you add in the price of a hard drive (not include; i.e. it's not a DVR until you connect an external storage device = $100+) it also has MANY Bugs that make using it less then pleasant if I had read the information by videobruce on "ePVision PHD-VRX Owners Thread" at --- Avs forum (all one word) period dot com --- I would probably not have purchased it, for a bit more I could have gotten a better product ($229+$100 for 500GB HD and External Enclosure =$329)
The PHD-VRX could be a good product if all the bugs where worked out, but at the moment the units have some major problems, for me at the moment the most annoying are; when I look at the guide and then exit it, it stays in preview mode i.e. little screen in bottom right corner, I have to cycle through V.MODE to get the full picture back, it does not record my weekly shows, and won't let me manually record them unless I delete the scheduled recording that is not recording them... also I sometimes get PBS on one tuner but not the other, Menus are clunky and the information boxes on the on screed display go off the edges so I can't read parts of them...
If Allen Chang(Company Owner) gets his act together and fixes the bugs (Through BIOS updates) I will change my rating to reflect its usability :0)

+1....been following that thread, and also .....not that impressed! eek.gif
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Originally Posted by ATSC-OTC-EPGDVR View Post

... also I sometimes get PBS on one tuner but not the other,
What real channel would PBS be? I had a similar problem at real channel 27. My unit has been returned for a replacement after it became very unreliable. (would stop responding after a few minutes ) The replacement is on its way, or so I have been told. At this point I still believe that this product has a lot of potential, but its only way to survive would be if epvision can make the software open source for interest groups to take over. The way they have been going and are going there will soon be a product out there that is going to capture this window of opportunity.
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For all the recent posters; have you written to Mr. Chang yet and voiced your concerns?
Yes, written/typed a letter, not a e-mail?
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Thank you for your email. Currently, PHD-VRX EPG is using PSIP data sent from each TV station over-the-air without phone or internet connection. These EPG data is free. However, it may only carry for one or two days or more depending on the TV stations. Later, we will link with 3rd party EPG service (their yearly fee is $25 only). After that, you can link PHD-VRX with their service to get about 7 to 14 days full EPG data for OTA channels via internet from Ethernet port. Thanks.
Not sure why this was posted there, but I was looking for the post here that stated similar and mentioned a three month time frame, but couldn't find that post. This has been promised, or at least talked about for two years.

The EPG was originally mentioned back in July 2010;

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Well it took a few days, but I am finally through reading all 29 pages of this thread! And I am still thinking of buying one of these!! I will explain why, and see if anyone thinks I am making a mistake.

Basically I am looking for a tuner for my projector. I have an OTA antenna and despite cancelling my cable a few months back, I am continuing to get some stations through my coax (as my internet is through cable). The stations are all over the place as far a station numbers go, with no information(ID). Sounds like with this unit, I can edit the station names after scanning, which will make it easier to navigate the cable side for me. I would also like to pass my PS3 video through this, so that I only need to have one HDMI cable running to my projector. I plan to use optical audio direct to my HTIB for both the PS3 and the PHD-VRX, as I have 2 such inputs. I also have an old laptop, that I use as a bit of a htpc. I only have VGA out, so would like to run it through the PHD as well. (I will have to figure something out for the audio as I currently only have the headphone jack as an audio out option).

The ability to record using the DVR will be a bonus,despite the many noted problems.

Anything that I am not considering? I use my PS3 as my Blu-ray player. Will passing it through the PHD have any affect on the quality of the image getting to my projector? (This is my main concern, as I have a budget projector and do not want to loose any picture quality)

Thanks in advance. It has been an interesting read to say the least! Informative, with a little drama thrown in to boot!
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Welcome to the forum neighbor. smile.gif
As already stated many times, this is decent as a 'tuner' with may functions/features not available elsewhere. As a DVR, proper firmware updates would solve 75% of the problems. The dual input, dual tuner is without a doubt the biggest selling point. Especially for OTA & CATV users. But, for OTA the ability of using the dual inputs for two antennas for station 180 degrees (plus or minus), eliminating the need for a rotor is also a huge plus.

I can't help you with the PS3 or BluRay questions since I have neither. Member HDTV1080p surely can.
I don't believe I heard of anyone using the VGA input.
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Welcome to the forum neighbor.
Thanks and thanks for all the info you have provided here!
The dual input, dual tuner is without a doubt the biggest selling point. Especially for OTA & CATV users. But, for OTA the ability of using the dual inputs for two antennas for station 180 degrees (plus or minus), eliminating the need for a rotor is also a huge plus

That may come in handy when/if I lose my free cable. (trying to pull in Buffalo and Toronto).
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Freddyk13 if you have a A/V receiver with HDMI inputs or a spare HDMI input on your projector it would be better quality to use those HDMI inputs. HDMI also passes lossless audio and optical only carries lossy audio signals. If you’re A/V receiver has HDMI then you can run one HDMI output from the A/V receiver to the projector and use the A/V receiver as a HDMI switcher. When I plugged in my OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray player to the HDMI input of the PHD-VRX, the PHD-VRX video processor kicked in and converted 1080p/24 to 1080p/60 and the picture quality was not as good. Its too bad the PHD-VRX does not offer a passive HDMI input instead of an active HDMI input.

It would be better to purchase a low cost HDMI switcher device or new A/V receiver with HDMI switching if your projector lacks a spare HDMI input for your PS3. I do not recommend using the HDMI input on the PHD-VRX since the video processing converts everything to 1080p/60 instead of 1080p/24. Plus the image does not look as good compared to the native output form a Blu-ray player like the PS3.
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Originally Posted by HDTV1080P24 View Post

converted 1080p/24 to 1080p/60 and the picture quality was not as good.
Lol, shows how little I know. I figured 1080p/60 was better than 1080p/24! Thanks for the suggestions. My AV receiver is older. I am thinking the switch is likely the way to go. I think I will go ahead and take the plunge with the PHD-VRX, regardless.
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I haven't updated the "laundry list" from three months ago. It now consists of 75 individual issues.
Related items are grouped together in order of importance.

Confirmation on entries; 2g or any others that need correction.

1a. The Guide needs to include both tuners integrated together as one Guide no matter which input you are in. It's a real problem and inconvenience to have to switch back and forth between tuners to try to schedule programming. Especially if you have overlapping recordings. Also, more than one channels programming needs to be available. You schedule one program only to find something better on another channel at the same time. If you forget what channel it was, you have to go back and find it, one channel at a time.
1b. The Guide really needs a subscription, Internet based full program data. PSIP Guide data is unreliable, spotty and inconsistent if it is there at all. I know this is well known to them, but I had to have this in the list. What good are three to six hours of listings? Anything less than one full week shouldn't be acceptable in this day and age.
1c.There is no ability for the system to save the existing PSIP data for each station in the Guide. After you stop on that channel, continue, then return, the data has to re-loaded every time on every channel.
1d. Stopping on a unavailable station locks the Guide up. Pressing Guide again will clear the lockup though,
1e. No direct ability to cancel a upcoming recording, other than the multi-step process of unchecking "Active",

2a. A Full manual recording option, no matter if there is Guide data or not, that is directly accessible from the Record button without going into the menu or Guide. There are too many times where one needs to modify the start and/or stop times either way. As this stands, other than diving into the main menu a number of layers deep, when in the Guide, there is no full manual recording available if there is Guide data of any kind (good or bad) on that channel.
2b. Allow adjustments plus and minus for the start and stop times. Not just one or the other. Programs do start early and end early.
2c. When there is a conflict, you have no idea (unless you can remember) where the conflict is. A conflicting entry should have a pop-up box appear with the following choices; 1. Allow new entry, 2. Allow existing entry, 3. Enter both, but make both inactive.
2d. Remove that “Active” check box in the recording options. One less thing to click through. That is already available in "Upcoming Recordings" if needed.
2e. There is no option to delete a scheduled recording while in the Guide. You have to exit, then wade through the main menu to "Upcoming Recordings" to do this.
2f. Remove the Sat. & Sun. entry. I can't see any purpose for this.
2g. Repeat recordings setup in the Guide (Weekly or Daily) only record for the 1st time. After the initial recording, the next scheduled recording (next week or the next day) is ignored. (This needs to be confirmed)

3. No ability to remember where playback was stopped. No ability to 'Mark' where you are or have the system do so when you hit stop or exit by mistake. One hour into a two hour movie, you have to leave, as soon as you press stop and place it in standby, when it comes time to pick up where you left off, guess what? You have to remember were you were and hit the 20 second skip xx number of times or use the fast forward to return to where you left off m(if you can even remember at all).

4a. Audio controls have no effect on analog or optical outputs. Only HDMI is affected.
4b. HDMI apparently passes only two channel, variable PCM uncompressed stereo audio. (Which is the only output that can be adjusted.) A option to turn on AC3 for HDMI is needed.
4c. There is no audio at all when the timeshifting mode is activated. Only when you are watching the delayed portion of the recording is there audio. There is audio on the HDMI output.

5a. Add one button access to Media Player Recordings on the remote and in the Quick Menu.
5b. Remove that pop-up open Media Player box when returning from standby. No need for it if that above was available.
5c. Pressing 'Exit' while in Media Player will completely exit you out of MP while watching a recording. Some confirmation is needed to prevent this.
5d. Shorten the manual recording file name in Media Player by removing the seconds and changing the year to two digits.
5e. Change the sort order from alphabetically to by time & date, naming the files in descending YY-MM-DD would work better for recording multiple programs.
5f. Allow renaming recordings while in Media Player for names that are incorrect or for manual entries.

6a. The output of this DVR been confirmed to be very dark with high contrast. You have to set the brightness to around 18 and the contrast around 75. These settings have to be reapplied for Media Player, you have to reactivate them each and every time you use MP since they won't take affect until you press each adjustment that you have previously changed.
6b. False contouring in blacks, shadows, dark scenes. This has been confirmed. Especially noticeable anywhere there are shadows and/or dark clothing, especially mens suits. Apparently, the default dark, contrasty video settings are to hide this problem. After extended testing, it now appears this Broadcom/ATI chipset is sensitive to lower bitrates. A difference of only 3MB/s will cause noticing the false contouring or not. I have compared the same program from two different sources (stations & networks) and the one that had the higher bitrate transmission didn't have the problem. Not all programming is affected. This does not affect recordings played outside of the DVR.

7. The 20 second skip forward and back needs an option to adjust the amount of the time span (there wasn't any until I insisted on this), 20 seconds is not enough. Give the ability to set times in each direction. 15, 30, 60 & 120 seconds would suffice with 15 seconds back and 60 seconds forward as defaults. You can hold the Skip Fwd or Rev and it will FF or Rev scan until you release that key. A fixed amount without holding the button would make things much easier.

8. There is no clock backup if there is a power outage. User intervention is needed to power up so the DVR can get a clock update.

9. Those small, somewhat identical, circular Menu icons are hard to read and decipher. They all look the same, except the sub menu you are in. Plain text is needed instead cutesy icons. It's confusing to guess at a icon, then read the text above and to the right of that icon. Substitute icons for plain text by moving the text of the sub-category to the far left column replacing the associated icon. The GUI in their Media Switcher was better. It appeared that was easier to navigate.

10. Nothing preventing you to place the DVR in standby to prevent stopping a recording in progress. You will loose the recording if standby is pressed accidentally. Some confirmation pop up is needed.

11a. An attached external enclosed hard drive does not spin down when the DVR is on, only when in standby. This was changed from early firmware releases. Why have it run when the this is only being used as a tuner? (Yes, you can disconnect the drive, but you shouldn't have to.)
11b. After three or more consecutive recordings are finished or recordings over 90 minutes in length (not verified), DVR does not go back into Standby. It appears you can do two and it will go into Standby two minutes after the last timer recording is finished.

12. A timer recording from standby looses the 1st 45 seconds of the program due to the boot time if the recorder was in standby. Booting from standby should start one minute early so the recorder is up and running.

13. Slow channel changing, considering this DVR does not do continuous time shifting. It is reported using 'Favorites' allows faster changes.

14. No 1080i for older HDTV's w/o a 1080p input. 480p is also missing which was removed from the early firmware. Some TV's have limited aspect options with some resolutions. Sometimes the 480 choice works out better. This should be restored.

15a. Internal disc format utility; Between the lack of any documentation from the start back in April 2012, up to the release of the owners manual, this has been a problem. This can only be used with a drive that is already formatted. The owners manual makes no mention of this. It isn't a problem with these pre-packaged combo enclosures & drives, but it makes this useless with any bare drive that doesn't already come formatted to NTFS. If you have to format the drive in a PC, why do it again here? Separate components are always better than some pre-configured package. You have control over each item. Obviously, ePVision doesn't understand any of this.
15b. Add a progress bar to let one know where in the formatting is. and a timer to show how long it's been since the process started.
15c. Add the ability to defrag the drive.

16. Remove the pop-up box when powering the DVR up that asks to open Media Player. The missing one button access and/or a Quick access entry to MP would replace that annoying step.

17. GoTo & Guide buttons on the remote need to be swapped. GoTo needs to be renamed to Return as it is on most other devices. GoTo means something entirely different than what it does here and is confusing. The button for GoTo is larger and should be for the Guide. Apparently ePVision realizes this as they pack a separate slip in the box stating the use of the GoTo button. It's also mentioned in the manual more than once.

18. Ability to turn clock display off when in standby, substituting a single 'dash' to indicate standby. Also, disable the red LED in the standby mode since it is confusing to have represent two functions; record & standby.

19a. Change the “Recording List” to “Recording History”. Since it is just a history, not what is actually on the hard drive. It's confusing since one would assume these recording are still available.
19b.Reoccurring recordings only record the first instance. Anything after the 1st recording will not record even though it shows in the "Upcoming Recordings" list. The status column only shows a green check mark for the initial recording of a program that is setup for repetitive recordings (daily, weekly etc.), but disappears afterwards..

20. Re-enable the analog channel noise reduction that was removed. The highest setting did make a difference, thought not as much as it should. This is unlike the digital version that was removed. That made no difference that I ever noticed.

21a. Speed play is useless as it stands due to inter-reaction with the audio sampling when using AC3. Using PCM, the problem is not there. This just happens during FF, Rew is Ok. The sample rate is terrible making the feature worthless. You can't see enough frames to make any sense out of the video.
21b. If a recorded program is paused during playback, the video freezes but the audio continues playing for an additional 5 seconds. This happens when AC3 is in use. When the video stream is resumed by hitting play, there is no audio until the video "catches up" to the point where the audio originally paused (another 5 seconds). The HDMI output behaves normally.

22a. Rename "Picture" to Video in the Main Menu. Picture is a non technical, childish term. Note, the proper term of "Audio" is used instead of "Sound',
22b. Move Dynamic Contrast out of that 'Advanced' menu so all A/V adjustments are in one sub-menu. Then delete "Advanced" since nothing would be under that heading anymore.
22c. Remove Color temperature since it has no noticeable effect.
22d. In the Video (Picture) sub-menu, once you selected a item, you can't scroll up or down to the next item to adjust without returning to the previous screen. This is not a problem using the Quick menu.

24. Change 'Video' to 'Recordings' in Media Player. “Video” is more a term relating to a input or a "video" from someones camcorder. Originally this was labeled "Movie" until it was change per my insistence. Also change "Movie" to "Recording" in the delete confirmation box.

25. Do not allow any channels to get added to the channel list when doing a direct entry. There is a 'Find Channel" function for this. Since the analog function of RF input 2 is disabled, entering any channel number that is empty, will automatically just add that to the channel map. Just another another entry to "skip".

26. Media Player; Use skip fwd & back to move through the pages instead of channel up/down like it is in all other menu functions where this is used. Consistent and less confusing.

27. Disable channel up/down while in Guide. It's too easy to hit and accidentally exit from the Guide.

28. You can not record on tuner one if you are using one of the inputs to the switcher.

29a. Add USB support for a keyboard[/B] to make it easier to use U Tube. Trying to use the on screen keyboard gets old real quick.
29b. Using You Tube, the aspect control has no effect. No full width. If you try to watch a 16x9 clip, it is squeezed down to 4x3.
29c. U Tube can not be used when recording. Accessing U Tube will stop all recordings.

30. Timeshift; Duplicate use of the skip fwd. & back function for slow motion is confusing. Use the separate orange & blue buttons for this and leave the skip & back functions the same.

31. Inconsistent time format. Some are shown as 12 hr., others as 24 hrs. In the US, 12 hrs. is preferred.

32a. There are too many 'Aspect' choices. Normal is the proper setting for probably 95% of the material available without distorting the image just to fill the screen.
32b. For analog & SD channels; Normal, Direct & 4:3 are identical. For HD channels; Direct & Full Screen are identical.
32c. Direct should be 1:1 pixel mapping, it isn't. Normal is.
32d. 4:3 will 'narrow' a HD channel. I can't see any need for this. Since it is the same as normal, remove it.
32e. 'Panoramic' disproportionately stretches the screen, mostly the extreme edges. Remove that.
32f. 'Zoom1' is ok for proportionally expanding a 'postage stamp' image, but 'Zoom2' over stretches the image vertically & horizontally. Remove that.

33. Trying to record and use the USB speed test causes conflicts. Disallow testing while recording.

34. Improve the signal level display to expand the resolution of the reading. Five "bars" are too vague.

35a. Remove the "Lock" feature as it can cause issues if one forgets the pin number.
35b. The 'Lock" feature can be easily overridden just by powering off the DVR and powering back up via the mechanical power switch (not standby).
35c. Doing a factory reset doesn't restore access to the front panel buttons. Since this only records non-premium channels, there shouldn't be a need for it, other than locking out the front panel.

36. Ability to manual edit the channel number (along with the stations call letters) for entries that get a bad channel number from improperly ID'ing the virtual channel number from the actual physical number

37a. File size listed in Media Player isn't always correct. Many recordings will show 1245KB (wherever that number came from).
37b. Ability to edit the file name of the recording, especially when it was a manual recording, preferably within Media Player.

38. The display on the unit will not show a channel change entry until that channel is actually changed like it does on screen. It would be nicer if the entry on the unit would duplicate what is seen on-screen, especially if you have "music" CATV channels available and are using the tuner just to listen without a TV on.

39. Modifying a recording in the "Upcoming Recording" menu, will not show any added record time when you 'pad' the end time of a program to extend the recording longer.

40. Placing the DVR in standby while recording will cause the "boot" message to remain on the display the next time the unit is powered up. All functions work, but the front panel display only show "boot". It appears, doing a full power cycle (off button) clears the problem.

corrected audio entry & added 1e which has been discussed earlier but never added.
added #40, thanks to 'Senior Citizen'
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Corrections in the manual still needed;

Page 12; Add "Skip" to #10 Actions for the Previous & Next buttons.

Page 18; Add "or two antennas" to #5 for the 'Tuner Source Select".

Page 23; There is no mention that these audio controls are only for the HDMI output! They have no effect foe analog or optical.

Page 26; Additional information is needed regarding the terms "physical" and "virtual". Very few have any idea of either term.

Page 27; There is no details on how to create a custom label for a input.

Page 31; Add the choice of "both" under 'Manual Time Setting" (from the previous page).

Page 39; The 3rd note before "Media Player", change "main menu" to 'sub-menu' and add the limitation that the Main menu is not available.

Page 40; Regarding the 1st paragraph, add the fact that the audio settings only affect the HDMI output,

Page 42; The 3rd paragraph, "Start time and End time", add that only the start time can be adjusted early and the end time adjusted late.

Page 43; Add if you modify the recording start/stop times, it won't show in the list. Also, Under "Recorded Shows", add that recording will show even if the drive is not connected or the recording was deleted.

Page 44; Add to "USB Disk Status" the speed test will only remain as long as the DVR is powered up. If you place it in standby, then power back up, the results of the test will not be saved, even if the drive was never disconnected. (other revision was made)

Page 45; 1st paragraph, change "may" to "will" regarding formatting the drive to ext2. And my long standing major issue:
There is absolutely nothing stating the apparent fact that the drive has to be already formatted to use their formatting utility. Which means they are assuming this is not a "bare drive, but one of those "packaged" combo enclosure HDDs that is already formatted.

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Originally Posted by FreddyK13 View Post

Lol, shows how little I know. I figured 1080p/60 was better than 1080p/24

It depends on the refresh rate of your TV. If you have a 120 Hz set, it's better to keep the original 24 fps rate for smoother motion. If you have a 60 Hz set, it doesn't matter if you let the PHD-VRX convert the video to 60 fps, because your TV is going to do that on its own, anyway.
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Originally Posted by Aleron Ives View Post

It depends on the refresh rate of your TV. If you have a 120 Hz set, it's better to keep the original 24 fps rate for smoother motion. If you have a 60 Hz set, it doesn't matter if you let the PHD-VRX convert the video to 60 fps, because your TV is going to do that on its own, anyway.

Many projectors will display 1080p/24 material at 48Hz, 72Hz, 96Hz, or 120Hz using a repeating frame method. Some projectors might only accept a 1080p 60Hz input or convert all 1080p/24 material to 60Hz. Most likely the projector will do a better job of converting 24Hz to 60Hz when compared to the PHD-VRX. If the projector is only 60Hz then the native 1080p/24 signal from the Blu-ray player will need to be changed to 60Hz. This can be done by the Blu-ray player, projector, or the PHD-VRX. Which every device does a better quality job of converting to 60Hz should be used.
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Optical out can pass either 2 channel PCM or 1.0-5.1 channel Dolby Digital. This option is controlled by the menu settings. The 2 channel PCM is created by the PHD-VRX converting the native Dolby Digital to PCM. The Optical out PCM is fixed and not variable like the HDMI output.

*** The native Dolby Digital AC3 on the optical output is nice and loud since it’s a pure bitstream of the native master broadcast signal from the station. All a programmer needs to do to fix the HDMI low audio issue is create code that sends the native 1.0-5.1 Dolby Digital audio to the HDMI output on the PHD-VRX. We need a menu option to turn on AC3 for HDMI just like the optical output offers. ***

Most HDTV's will accept Dolby Digital sources coming into their HDMI inputs. This would fix the low volume HDMI issue and disable the volume control feature on the PHD-VRX. Most consumers perfer using volume on their A/V receiver or HDTV.
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Received my replacement unit back earlier this week. Not sure if it is refurbished or new. No plastic on the top but the window was covered with the protective pull-off cover. No scratches that could indicate that it has seen some use though.

I am still seeing a difference, although slightly less, between the two tuners for real channel 27, so I guess this is a inherent design / tuner sensitivity issue. Also interesting is that the new unit did not register channel 6 during the auto-scan. (Our only VHF LO signal) I had to tune it manually and it picked it up with no problem.

The bad part is I got it to lock up, displaying "boot", within the first night. The TV showed a magenta screen and the remote stopped responding. I was streaming a movie from my network at the time and tried to RW the movie. This time I had difficulty to get it out of this mode (power cycle did not work) but finally got it out when I tried for a hidden button sequence on unit it self. (is there a published reset sequence that can be performed from the panel?) Not sure which button or sequence did the trick but it is back to functioning again and has worked reliable since. Touch wood.
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Other than first by going into standby and return, second by removing power completely via the 'power' switch on the front panel and power up. There is that system reset, but that would be a last resort.

I find, per my "Find Channel" method, works best for problem stations. It might seem complicated and tedious, but I only get what I want with few deletions when finished. This is market dependent depending on how many locals you have. Smaller markets, it probably isn't necessary. Actually, it's even more of a benefit for CATV subscribers due to the confusing game of musical channel numbers they seem to love to play. (musical, not music)

I also find the "Find Channel" a plus telling the user what the physical channels tour MSO is using for your 'in the clear' local stations on their system since most aren't aware and it's not always easy to find out.
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I purchased epVision PHD-VRX HD tuner/recorder. The only problems I have had are: 1. When scheduling a program to record, be sure to add the "boot up time" (appx 30-45 seconds) to your time length and start the recording about a minute prior to the actual program start time. I also noted that in the Chicago time zone (mine) programs do not necessarily start on the hour or half hour. Wheel of Fortune, for example, starts at 6:27PM--not 6:30 and ends at 6:58. Also-there is aproblem recoding two consecutive shows that are an hour long and are on 2 different stations. The recorder gives an on screen warning that the programs overlap. Try making the first on a minute or so shorter when programming. I have had the unit "lock up" in "boot" mode even though the tuner and remote work. This is aggravating as the display shows "boot" and NOT the channel number. I am still trying to find out how to cancel a programmed recording. Can anyone tell me that? I do wish the tuner(s) would record ALL channels--not just digital. The USBs are nice as I use a Western Digital hard drive for one and a flash drive for the other. The flash drive is nice bacause if you record movies, etc. from the net, they will play back excellently. Be sure to check for unit updates and install them as soon as they are available. They can be found and downloaded from epvision web site. Any other owner comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Also-there is a problem recoding two consecutive shows that are an hour long and are on 2 different stations. The recorder gives an on screen warning that the programs overlap.
Are you recording on the same tuner?
I am still trying to find out how to cancel a programmed recording.
Just press the stop button. You get a confirmation box to stop the recording. This was done from a Guide entry with a live program, not a one touch or timeshift recording.;

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Recording from same tuner--have installed all updates.. Placing back in standby causes "boot" to remain in display when restarted. Seems there is no instruction for cancelling a recording once it has started. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I don't record STD def from antenna, so I only use the one tuner.
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Sorry, I corrected my previous post. See above.

As to the boot text on the display, apparently it must be a virus and you just sent it to me. eek.gif
I powered my unit up (from a full power off state) to confirm the cancel recording and when I placed it back in standby and returned, I got the same thing. Earlier this would happen from time to time, but hasn't in some time. Granted I don't really use this, not as a DVR anyway due to the problems, so I have to cheap and 'jog' my memory somewhat.

Powering it completely off and back on seem to fix this, but you loose the clock. I didn't see anyone else report this so far. confused.gif Funny thing is the DVR seems to be fully functional, this is not a lockup which I was getting last spring with earlier firmware.

I also added 1e to the list which was discussed a couple of months ago, but was never added.
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I had the "boot virus" twice went going from one channel to another. The machine woorks fine but the display is locked on "boot". I just did a full cold boot and everything was back to normal
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This boot problem seems to happen if you stop a recording in the middle of it--by powering off. Then when powering on, the"" boot stays in the display until you do a complete cold start. The machine and rempte seem to be ok--can change channels, etc. But can't tell what channel is on because "boot" takes over the display. LOL_VideoBruce--Pretty tricky way for me to send a virus to your machine--and thanks to James57 as I will try his soluttion to the stop recording problem .
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Pretty tricky way for me to send a virus to your machine
Even more "tricky" if it actually worked. biggrin.gif

Well I just added another "glitch" to the list. I did confirm the lagging "boot" message. Going back into standby, then returning doesn't seem to clear it, apparently you have to do a full power cycle.
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Killer--complete power cycle seems to cause the "upcoming recordings" schedule to be nul and void---items are still there but unless the dates started are the same or later than the date that you recycled, they will not record. This is a real headacxhe.
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Need some reports from the others that use this on a regular basis.

On a separate note, check out the most recent review of this on Amazon. I wonder who wrote the script? wink.gif

There is a 2nd seller of these on Amazon. His price is $500. confused.gif
I sent a message to him regarding the price and here is his answer;
HI Videobruce, This is such an unusual item, at some time in the future there will be a shortage of this recorder and at that time it will be worth the $500, I can wait I am in no hurry to sell it.

Maybe he knows something we don't? I think he might be waiting for some time.
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My experience is that if you completely power down the unit, when it comes back up any timers you have will no longer work. They must be deleted and reentered. One thing I haven't tried is to uncheck and then recheck the Active box for each timer. I wonder if that would reset them?
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post

On a separate note, check out the most recent review of this on Amazon. I wonder who wrote the script? wink.gif

Someone without a proof reader: "is just I need." And "vivid" 1080p? Who talks like that?
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Maybe the same who wrote this;
So, the problem is when you start recording show about 1 or 2 hours, high spinning head, high speed motor and unbalanced ( not horizontally) internal disc inside HDD gradually cause mechanical failure.
(That was in post 364, back in July 7th)
its rich features and flexibility
I have a 1TB hard drive connected and have recorded so many TV shows already
This product got so many bells and whistles.
very easy and intuitive to use
Smooth time-shifting and live pause.
Is he kidding? This looks like it came from Madison Ave.
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