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Thanks a lot to this great forum about this cool machine.cool.gif

Sorry for my english cause I'm from Quebec in Canada and yes it worked here!eek.gif
Great new firmware but It have new problems to be solved after this upgrade...

Beware of the "EPG Tuning Mode" option, I try it and yes the consultation will be more faster but
when you press RECORD on a program on another channel and your not on the channel you want to record, It remember only the channel you are on for the recording time ...
I made a test with five tv show I want to record but I was on channel 4 so all my incomings recording was on channel 4...
So I switch back the option "EPG Tuning Mode" option to ON...

Also, now when the "EPG Tuning Mode" option is ON, It exit and return to the current channel without saying anything. It's annoying when yoou want to choose somes show to record.

That'a all for tonight folks, I'm going to sleep.

See you soon!
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Posts #7, 9, 10 & 896 were updated. 896 is on the previous page regarding firmware changes.

Thanks Claude for that. I will add that to my list to test.

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Originally Posted by Chriscpm View Post

I bought one of these for my Mom for the holidays before I found this thread. It looks good so far. The advice on formatting a linux partition is great stuff. I sort of like having an external drive. It makes it easier to troubleshoot.
We trashed two of the Dish PVR OTA machines. That really stunk. I like that this is a new product with what looks like continuing support - at least for a while.
I did the latest firmware update and ran a few recording tests. Seems good.
The only weird thing is the PQ is noticeable worse than my regular DVR. I don't think that will be that big a deal for my Mom;s smaller TV (and older eyes) though.
For those guys who don't like it, is there another no-fee two tuner HD DVR around? I was going to try a USB OTA to a computer, but this is a lot cleaner.

Easily the best option for a no-fee two tuner HD DVR is TiVo. Buy it with lifetime subscription for under $500, that seems like a small premium compared to this device when you consider how well it works in my opinion I paid $500 with lifetime in 2009 for a TiVoHD, still works great, never misses a recording and picture quality is identical to the source. People will make up a need for a device like the ePVision DVR by overstating what TiVo costs or by insisting you must pay a fee. Of course you will miss out on anticipating the next update and whether or not that will fix one or two of the hundred issues the device has, I know that can be exciting, instead, you will just sit down, turn it on and use it. I just checked the TiVo site and refurb 320GB with lifetime is $450 today, new is $500 with free shipping and newer models with greater capacity are on sale as well.
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Updated "Laundry List";
(74 separate entries grouped in order of importance)

1a. The Guide needs to include both tuners integrated together as one Guide no matter which input you are in. It's a real problem and inconvenience to have to switch back and forth between tuners to try to schedule programming. Especially if you have overlapping recordings. Also, more than one channels programming needs to be available. You schedule one program only to find something better on another channel at the same time. If you forget what channel it was, you have to go back and find it, one channel at a time.
1b. Locking the preview window prevents data from showing on any channel that has not been already accessed from power up. If you 'surf' through all channels before you access the Guide, the problem isn't there. A locked window speeds up the collection of data.
1c.There is no ability for the system to save the existing PSIP data for each station in the Guide. After you stop on that channel, continue, then return, the data has to re-loaded every time on every channel.
1e. No direct ability to cancel a upcoming recording mad through the Guide, other than the multi-step process of unchecking "Active" in the “Upcoming Recordings” screen,
1f. The number of entries (hours or days) is not as great as other tuners PSIP Guides. Example; the DTVPal doing a comparison with the same stations art the same time period. The older DTVPal (with no TV Guide data) has their listings further into the future.
1g. Add the ability to 'wrap' from the lowest channel to the highest & vice versa without scrolling through the entire channel list. as you can in Media Player.
1h. Disable the channel up/down buttons while in Guide. It's too easy to hit and accidentally exit from the Guide.
1i. Stopping on a weak station that is not receivable at the time, will lock the Guide up forcing you to exit and re-enter. These are 'on the cliff' signals. Channels that are not there at all, have no effect if you stop on those..

2a. False contouring in blacks, shadows, dark scenes. This has been confirmed. Especially noticeable anywhere there are shadows and/or dark clothing, especially men's suits. The default dark, contrasty video settings appear to hide this problem. After extended testing, it now appears this Broadcom/ATI chipset is sensitive to lower bitrates. A difference of only 3MB/s will cause noticing the false contouring. I have compared the same program from two different sources (stations & networks) and the station (source) that had the higher bitrate transmission didn't have the problem. Not all programming is affected. I don't believe this affects recordings played outside of the DVR.
2b. The default output of this DVR is very dark with high contrast. Change the brightness to between 15 & 18, contrast between 65 & 70 and the color to -5 for each input. It's a one time setting, but it shouldn't be that far off in the first place.

3a. A multi-entry, manual recording option, no matter if there is Guide data or not, that is directly accessible without going into the Menu or Guide. This means the ability to enter more than one recording at a session without re-entering the Manual Record mode again. As this stands, other than diving into the main menu a number of layers deep, when in the Guide, there is no full manual recording available if there is Guide data of any kind (good or bad) on that channel.
3b. Repeat recordings setup in the Guide (Weekly or Daily) sometimes only record for the 1st time. After the initial recording, the next scheduled recording (next week or the next day) is ignored (this seems to be inconsistent). The status column shows a green check mark for the initial recording of repetitive recordings (daily, weekly etc.), but disappears afterwards.
3c. Allow adjustments, plus and minus for the start and stop times. Not just one or the other. Programs do start early and end early also.
3d. When there is a conflict, you have no idea (unless you can remember) where the conflict is. A conflicting entry should have a pop-up box appear with the following choices; 1. Allow new entry, 2. Allow existing entry, 3. Enter both, but make both inactive.
3e. Remove that “Active” check box in the recording options. One less thing to click through. That is already available in "Upcoming Recordings" if needed.
3f. Remove the Sat. & Sun. entry. I can't see any purpose for this.
3g. Modifying a recording in the "Upcoming Recording" menu, will not show any added record time when you 'pad' the end time of a program to extend the recording longer.

4a. Pressing 'Exit' while in Media Player will completely exit you out of MP while watching a recording. Exit should only be permitted while in the main MP menu and/or a confirmation popup box appearing.
4b. Shorten the manual recording file name in Media Player by removing the seconds and changing the year to two digits.
4c. Allow renaming recordings while in Media Player for names that are incorrect or for manual entries with only that cryptic number.
4d. Include channel number, date & time to the recording entry under the new "Recordings" screen. What happens if there are more than one of the same program listed?
4e. Depending on your TV or monitor, watching SD recordings from sub-channels will show them stretched no matter which aspect setting you choose. This doesn't affect main channel SD programs, nor is it a problem watching them live. This may be a issue with PC monitors, as this is where I have observed the problem. HDTV's may not have the problem.
4f. Media Player/Recordings; Every time you use the skip feature, the time bar remains on the screen forcing you to hit 'Info' to clear it. (only relates to Recordings)
4g. While watching from Recordings, the right & left navigation buttons will change what you are watching to the next or previous recording without any other interaction. If pressed by mistake, you are now watching something else. This needs to be disabled, except for Photos or Music. (only relates to Recordings)
4h. The "Video" section still has the issue of not remembering changed picture settings. You have to re-initialize those settings by clicking each one for them to take affect.
4i. Use skip fwd & back to move through the pages instead of channel up/down like it is in all other menu functions where this is used. Consistent and less confusing.
4j. Don't allow using 'Mute' to automatically bring up Closed Caption. If CC is wanted, use a Quick menu entry.
4k. Change "Movie" to "Recording" in the delete confirmation box.

5. Nothing preventing you to place the DVR in standby to prevent that will stop a recording in progress. You will loose the recording if standby is pressed accidentally. Some confirmation pop up is needed.

6a. Audio controls have no effect on analog or optical outputs. Only HDMI is affected. This is not specified in the manual.
6b HDMI audio level is noticeably low compared to optical out.
6c. HDMI apparently passes only two channel, variable PCM uncompressed stereo audio. (Which is the only output that can be adjusted.) A option to turn on AC3 for HDMI is needed.
6d. There is no audio at all when the timeshifting mode is activated. Only when you are watching the delayed portion of the recording is there audio. There is audio on the HDMI output.

7. A timer recording from standby looses the 1st 45 seconds of the program due to the boot time if the recorder was in standby. Booting from standby should start one minute early so the recorder is up and running.

8a. An attached external enclosed hard drive does not spin down when the DVR is on, only when in standby. This was changed from early firmware releases. Why have it run when the this is only being used as a tuner? (Yes, you can disconnect the drive, but you shouldn't have to.)
8b. After three or more consecutive recordings are finished or recordings over 90 minutes in length (approximately), the DVR does not go back into Standby. Single recordings or two short recordings back to back will allow Standby two minutes after the last timer recording is finished.

9. There is no clock backup if there is a power outage. User intervention is needed to power up so the DVR can get a clock update.

10a. Those small, somewhat identical, circular Menu icons are hard to read and decipher. They all look the same, except the sub menu you are in. Plain text is needed instead cutesy icons. It's confusing to guess at a icon, then read the text above and to the right of that icon. Substitute plain text for those icons by moving the text of the sub-category to the far left column replacing the associated icon. The GUI in their Media Switcher was better. It appeared that was easier to navigate.
10b. Quick menu; replace Scale Window with Aspect. No need for that Scale Window,it's only for specific problems. If you don't use the provided remote and your 'Programmable' remote doesn't allow the "Aspect" entry, you can't change resolutions.

11. Slow channel changing, especially considering this DVR does not do continuous time shifting.

12a. No 480p or 1080i for older HDTV's w/o a 1080p input. 480p was removed from the early firmware. Some TV's have limited aspect options with some resolutions. Sometimes the 480 choice works out better. This should be restored.
12b. Allow front panel "V Mode" selection. to change output resolutions similar that was on the 205 tuner Since there is only one way to change output resolutions (the remote), if something happens to that remote or for any reason your TV doesn't like one or the other existing setting, you need another way to change this.

13a. Improve the signal level display to expand the resolution of the reading. from five to ten bars, or use something similar to the System Info screen that has a 0-100 numeric readout.
13b. Ability to manual edit the channel number (along with the stations call letters) for entries that get a bad channel number from improperly ID'ing the virtual channel number from the actual physical number. I have three stations I always have a problem with.
13c. Re-enable the analog channel noise reduction that was removed. The highest setting did make a difference, thought not as much as it should. This is unlike the digital version that was removed. That made no difference that I ever noticed.

14a. Internal disc format utility; The lack of any documentation from the start back in April 2012, up to the release of the owners manual, has been a problem. This can only be used with a drive that is initialized which leaves out all "bare" drives. The owners manual makes no mention of this. It isn't a problem with these pre-packaged combo enclosures & drives, but it makes this useless with any bare drive that has to be initialized first, before Windows can even see the drive. Then it can be formatted. The recommended program; EaseUS Partition Manager does all of this very well eliminating the need for that lame utility. If you have to initialize a drive in a PC, why do it again here? Separate components are always better than some pre-configured package. You have control over each item. Obviously, ePVision doesn't understand any of this.
14b. Add a progress bar to let one know where in the formatting is. and a timer to show how long it's been since the process started.
14c. Add the ability to defrag the drive.

15. The display on the unit will not show a channel change entry until that channel is actually changed. It would be nicer if the entry on the unit would duplicate what is seen on-screen, especially if you have "music only" CATV channels available and are using the tuner just to listen without a TV on.

16. Ability to turn clock display off when in standby and when using the device as a input scaler, A single LED is sufficient.

17. Change the “Recording List” to “Recording History”. Since it is just a history, not what is actually on the hard drive. It's confusing since one would assume these recording are still available.

18. You can not record on tuner one if you are using one of the inputs to the switcher.

19a. Speed play is of no value as it stands due to inter-reaction with the audio sampling when using AC3. Using PCM, the problem isn't as bad. Mostly noticeable in FF. The sample rate is to low, making the feature worthless. You can't see enough frames to make any sense out of the video. Adding faster speed steps makes matters worse. This surely wasn't needed.
19b. If a recorded program is paused during playback, the video freezes but the audio continues playing for an additional 5 seconds. This happens when AC3 is in use. When the video stream is resumed by hitting play, there is no audio until the video "catches up" to the point where the audio originally paused (another 5 seconds). The HDMI output behaves normally.

20a. Rename "Picture" to Video in the Main Menu. Picture is a non technical, childish term. Note, the proper term of "Audio" is used instead of "Sound',
20b. Move Dynamic Contrast out of that 'Advanced' menu so all A/V adjustments are in one sub-menu. Then delete "Advanced" since nothing would be under that heading anymore.
20c. Remove Color temperature since it has no noticeable effect.
20d. In the Video (Picture) sub-menu, once you selected a item, you can't scroll up or down to the next item to adjust without returning to the previous screen. This is not a problem using the Quick menu.

21a. There are too many 'Aspect' choices. Normal is the proper setting for probably 95% of the material available without distorting the image just to fill the screen.
21b. For analog & SD channels; Normal, Direct & 4:3 are identical. For HD channels; Direct & Full Screen are identical.
21c. Direct should be 1:1 pixel mapping, it isn't. Normal is.
21d. 4:3 will 'narrow' a HD channel. I can't see any need for this. Since it is the same as normal, remove it.
21e. 'Panoramic' disproportionately stretches the screen, mostly the extreme edges. Remove that.
21f. 'Zoom1' is ok for proportionally expanding a 'postage stamp' image, but 'Zoom2' over stretches the image vertically & horizontally. Remove that.

22. Channels will get added to the channel list when doing a direct entry. This is normally good, but since the analog function of RF input 2 is disabled, entering any channel number that is empty, will automatically just add that to the channel map. Allow complete removal of those added unwanted channels, not just “skip”.

23a. Add USB support for a keyboard[/B] to make it easier to use U Tube. Trying to use the on screen keyboard gets old real quick.
23b. Using You Tube, the aspect control has no effect. No full width. If you try to watch a 16x9 clip, it is squeezed down to 4x3.
23c. U Tube can not be used when recording. Accessing U Tube will stop all recordings.

24. Timeshift; Duplicate use of the skip fwd. & back function for slow motion is confusing. Use the separate orange & blue buttons for this and leave the skip & back functions the same.

25. Trying to record and use the USB speed test causes conflicts. Disallow testing while recording. The speed test also is depending on the state the device is in at the time. Sitting on a blank channel produces better results.

26a. Remove the "Lock" feature as it can cause issues if one forgets the pin number.
26b. The 'Lock" feature can be easily overridden just by powering off the DVR and powering back up via the mechanical power switch (not standby).
26c. Doing a factory reset doesn't restore access to the front panel buttons. Since this only records non-premium channels, there shouldn't be a need for it, other than locking out the front panel.

27. In Favorites under channel list, icons from the input list show for the first five channels instead of the RF input icon.

28. Add the ability to have a 'delete' section/area to fully restore recordings with the ability to automatically delete the oldest entries if space is needed to record.

Moved #21 up the list.
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I can't seem to get the upgrade to install. I have downloaded the files twice. I copied them to an ext2 format flash drive. I shut off the unit with the power button on the unit (I even pulled the plug on one attempt). I insert the flash drive into the USB port. I turn on the unit and then press Standby (I tried also to hold down the Standby while I press the Power button). Nothing works.

Any ideas?

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I think you must format your USB Key in FAT32 only...

When you had plug it, you turn power off and power on and you must press the STANDBY button on the unit.
You'll see the word UPDATE on the display so don't disconnect the unit or don't press the Power button while it update...

Good luck!
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Yes, FAT32 only.
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Video Bruce... I was able to get my remote to work by powering down the entire system and uplugging the power cord. Once I powereed it back on and rebooted I have not had any issues with my remote since. It was really odd because it would stop working after about a minute of non use... now it works fine. I have since cut my cable and now record the shows I watch from my PHD-VRX. There are things that I wished it had, like an extended schedule like my Tivo had... but I don't like my cable bill that much.. and my recording space is virtually unlimited with a 2TB drive. I am very impressed with it's ability to watch recorded shows and record at the same time. I am still learning the tricks to this unit, and find that it is a great box....
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It wasn't the remote, but the DVR. Glad it's working. Feel free to confirm or deny what I have recently posted regarding the updated firmware. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post

Have you confirmed the HDD was spinning? Are you using a single or double USB cable (the 2nd connection just for power) into the DVR? Do you have another external enclosure and/or HDD you could try?
If you do "timeshifting" does it record?

I was using a single USB cable with my 2.5" drives. i just switched over last night to a 3.5" externally powered drive so I'll see if I have better luck with my recordings. It completed one successful recording last night when the unit was off but I still think I have an issue with recordings not starting as expected when the unit is on already.

I've updated to the lastest firmware and like what I see so far except I wish they hadn't taken away the ability to delete other video files. I have the older video recordings which I can't delete now. I guess I'm stuck with connecting my drive to my computer so I can cleanup the watched videos.
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I wish they hadn't taken away the ability to delete other video files.
Along with 480p, analog noise reduction and the ability for the HDD to spin down when not recording. mad.gif
Looking at the Photo & Music screens, those never had a delete function, so I will assume, since the internal recordings are now separate, they followed what the other two didn't have; delete. I further assume the reasoning is to protect those external files.
This only affects previous recordings. biggrin.gif

Anyway, I'm not sure what/where this "quirk is, but on CATV listings the first entry is four hours in the future, not at the present time. I compared four local OTA stations with their counterpart on TWC and all four showed the same issue.

OTA was current, CATV was four hours layer. confused.gif

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One more 'oddity', debatable if it is an advantage or disadvantage. I feel a disadvantage:
When playing a recording, hitting the left or right navigation keys will take you to the previous or next recording and it will start playing that instead of what you were watching. The behavior follows the other screens; Music & Photos.
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Probably has to do with incorrect detection of timezone. Perhaps the cable is sending out GMT times instead of EST, and the box is assuming the same time from each.
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I thought about that, but four hours ahead would put the zone in the Atlantic Ocean. Four hours behind would be Hawaii. wink.gif
But, the clock doesn't change. I have it set to manual.
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Tonight when I exit from the guide, the preview screen does not re-size to the full screen. The guide dis-appears, the picture stays small. Even if I change channels, they stay small. A re-boot fixes it. This is regardless of what the "EPG Tuning Mode" is set to. I used the guide yesterday with no such problem.
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That never happened to me. Have you re-flashed the firmware?

If not, do so, but d/l another copy,
delete everything in your USB drive,
reformat that drive,
unpack that zip file in a folder in your PC,
then xfer the three files to that drive.
You don't have to pull the AC plug, just wait 20 seconds before powering it back up again.
Don't do any full channel scans, just enter a few physical channel numbers in.
Then try the Guide and see what happens. If it is still doing this, ask to swap your unit out for another.
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i had this issue once and did exactly the same thing, cold boot and it never came back. I did'nt have to flash any updates. BTW will they ever make the mute functional on the analog out ?? this is really starting to bug me .
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BTW will they ever make the mute functional on the analog out ?? this is really starting to bug me .
Audio controls only work for HDMI. To answer your question, I doubt they will. I also believe it can't be done due to the hardware.

I re-flashed the firmware back and found this 4 hour time discrepancy is apparently a TWC issue as it did the same thing in the old firmware. I only went back one version. I wonder if this has been like this for some time since I only really use this as a tuner. I just set the clock manually, unchecking both check boxes. It seems to hold the time ok by itself.
No idea how this can happen. I also find the clock gets offset by 4 hrs & 43 minutes switching between OTA & CATV. I previously have noticed the clock getting a wrong time before switching channels and/or tuners, but never bothered investigating. redface.gif

I have update the laundry list again, removing the comment about the favorites list being faster and adding 9b & 12b.

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I upgraded the software last week. I have been recording two shows back to back on the same channel daily. I set up the same recording schedule with the new software. It has been recording the shows since then. I can actually see the recording taking place.

It now seems the second of the two shows is creating an empty file. The file is listed in the Recordings folder with the right title, but the length of the file is zero, and there is nothing in it.

I have deleted and re-entered the schedule, but I am not sure whether that will help. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

Thanks for any inputs.
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That seems to be related to concurring recordings only recording the 1st episode that hasn't been confirmed if it is still a problem. So, only the 1st show actually records?
Do you have OTA & CATV? if so, do you have this 4 hour time offset problem with your CATV listings?
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I have OTA, and so there is no time offset problem.
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Anyone confirm or deny this time offset issue with CATV?
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Hello, I just bought a phd-vrx.
I have a question pls.

I connected an analog player to the phd-vrx analog input but I can not record the images on the phd-vrx.

I selected the Input of the phd-vrx to CVBS and I hit play on the analog player connected to the phd-vrx. I can see on my TV the images of the analog player playing through the phd-vrx , but when I hit the button REC on the remote controller of the phd-vrx , I get the message that says:

Not Available

Does anyone know why I can not record ?

Thank you
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What do you mean by "an analog player"?

I know U-verse's output from their tuners is copy-protected.
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Originally Posted by Rammitinski View Post

What do you mean by "an analog player"?
I know U-verse's output from their tuners is copy-protected.

connecting a vcr to the phd-vrx via the av cable to record on phd-vrx whatever is playing on the vcr .
Also av out from tivo...

Edited by marcolisi - 12/16/12 at 7:06pm
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Nope, you can't do that. Inputs are only for upscaling to a TV. There is a composite output that a VCR or DVD Recorder will record from, but the VR will only record off the internal tuners.
This was discussed some time ago.
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Originally Posted by tgros View Post

I upgraded the software last week. I have been recording two shows back to back on the same channel daily. I set up the same recording schedule with the new software. It has been recording the shows since then. I can actually see the recording taking place.
It now seems the second of the two shows is creating an empty file. The file is listed in the Recordings folder with the right title, but the length of the file is zero, and there is nothing in it.
I have deleted and re-entered the schedule, but I am not sure whether that will help. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?
Thanks for any inputs.

The recording worked OK today, so I guess that re-entering the schedule fixed it.
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All you did was to access that screen, nothing else? confused.gif
And that allowed following episodes to record where they were skipped before?
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post

All you did was to access that screen, nothing else? confused.gif
And that allowed following episodes to record where they were skipped before?

I deleted both lines in the schedule and re-entered them.
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But have they done reoccurring (multiple) recordings of the same program?
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