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Best Quality under $200

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I am looking to get into making videos. These videos will mostly be recorded in my house where the lighting isn't fantastic. I have struggled with trying to figure out if I should get a digital camera..or a camcorder. I have decided that beings I will mainly be using it for recording videos, I should get a camcorder.

Anyways I don't really care about how great the zoom is or any other feature other than how good the video quality looks. I will admit I don't know a lot about camcorders (or cameras for that matter), so lens and shutters confuse me. My budget is $100-$200, I currently own a kodak playtouch which records at 1080p..but the video looks grainy when I try to watch it on my computer. Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated..and sorry if this isn't where I should be posting this question, thanks for the help!
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Neublet - welcome to the forum! Do you have some samples of your videos that you could link to? It might be helpful to see what your challenge is. That said, I hear good things from people I respect about the Samsung HMX-W200. Less than $100, and here is what it can do:
Good luck,

Hybrid Camera Revolution
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Thank you for the help Bill, unfortunately I do not know have any uploaded samples. I think my main issue is lighting. The video shows up grainy, and it doesn't really pickup colors too well. I am playing around with Chroma Key (I think thats what it is called) but the camera I have doesnt really pickup on the color background..it just appears dark. I have been checking reviews and they are all over the place, some people like the samsung that you showed..others don't. Im confused. Again, ty for your help.

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