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Tapatalk iPad troubles

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None of my subscribed topics are showing up on my iPad version of Tapatalk. Just for AVS though...all my other forums work fine, and AVS also works fine on my Android phone.

If I subscribe to an area (like Blu-ray software), it does seem to think I'm subscribed since if I try again I only get an unsubscribe option, but nothing shows up in my 'subscribed' section.

Anyone else?
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Also, stickies don't show at all. On neither my iPad nor Android phone.

Something is not right with the Tapatalk integration.
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TapaTalk is just a quick add in to give some mobile access while the HTML5 version version of the mobile platform is finished. It really was written for VB and IP boards and was modified to work here.

Skicky Threads are no longer in the same fashion as they where in the past. They are now links to posts that are accessed a lot. Some of them may have been posted years ago, but why still important, they showed no activity and thus looked stall and old. Now we can still link to important and popular threads but also other items. It's just in a differnt way. Threads that are active you will normally always find near the top.

Sorry about TapaTalk. We just wanted to be sure people could read and post.
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So are you saying Tapatalk is just a stop-gap? If so, I'm disappointed since I use it for nearly every forum and was excited to learn AVS was going to be using it?

Thanks. I didn't notice the other Tapatalk thread at http://www.avsforum.com/t/1413924/tapatalk-not-yet-supported so I started posting over there.
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