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Sinclair Audio Owners Thread

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I know it's a longshot because most of you guys own more expensive/higher end speakers, but I think Sinclair Audio speakers are really good for people just starting their home theatre. I live in an apartment so I can't listen at high volumes, but I do enjoy being surrounded by sound while I watch movies or play video games. I'm also not an audiophile, so I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on a system that I just wouldn't be able to appreciate.

Check out their stuff, and let me know what you think. Here's their website: http://sinclairaudio.com

I currently own two of their 250T towers, two 40B bookshelf speakers, and their 25CC centre channel. I'm still trying to find a subwoofer that would be good for me, but that's another thread for another day.

Also, people who currently own Sinclair Audio speakers, what do you think about their quality/sound?
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I don't have Sinclair right now but I've demoed them before in Montreal and I liked. I don't remember the model 'cause it was a while back. How do you like what you have now? Did you have anything else before for comparison?

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I had an Onkyo HTIB, but that's not really a good comparison to anything.

When I was in the showroom, I tried out some similarly priced/a little more expensive towers from companies like Polk & Energy, and I was sold on the Sinclair towers.
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hi'i had Roth audio product Roth oli 40 floor standing speaker,I bought from superfi store at u.k and I get good price.same design with Sinclair audio product Brighton floor stand speaker.(i think same company)I do connect with Sony cdp-xe 570 and Sony AV amp str-dh 800.most I play to listen jazz,blue,classic and some pop and reggage music only.this speaker is heavy and solid body,good look and gold plate bi wire.sound is big bass,, clear voice and smooth treble to hear,I feel very excited to listing until now.that is my own recommended because I pay triple cheaper than other brand speaker and sound quality is good enjoyable,make save money...smile.gif
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I have the Sinclair Brighton 50B bookshelves for my fronts and the 25cc for the center channel. I have Paradigm Cinema 100's for the surround channels. I have been running them for a little over 18 months and am very pleased with the sound they put out. They are dynamic enough for my needs (70% movies, 20% gaming, 10% music). I find they give a very clean sound. I run them off of a Denon 2112ci and don't think I "need" more than what they offer. Our media room is 15' x 12' with a standard 8' ceiling, due to lack of space the bookshelf won out over towers (though space permitting I would have gone with the 260T for the fronts).
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