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I recenly purchased the Roomie software and Global cache IP2IR with IB blaster and sensors. My setup consist of a Pioneer TV, Sony Blu-Ray and Cisco Explorer 1642HDC set top Box. I have the IR blaster set for port 3 and have gone into global network interface and set port 3 to IR blaster as directed by Roomie. For the STB i was instructed by Roomie to select Cisco IPN and VPN (IPTV) Series. I have also tried the the CHS Series and RNG series code group 1 and 2 without success. After creating activites I am able to turn on the TV (dedicated sensor) and blu-ray(IR blaster). When I try to do anything to the STB I get no actions from the unit. I have tried setting the different levels of retanmismit count without success.

When I try to tun on the Cisco STB I get no single from the blaster, visable red light.

Any assistance that can be provided would be appericated.

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