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JVC 4k Clip Manager

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I am trying to transfer video from the jvc 4k to FCP X. To do this it needs to merge the four files from the four different sd cards. I'm trying to do this through jvc 4k clip manager, but every time I try to export the mp4 merged file, the software will tell me that it has failed trying to do it. Can you please give me some advice ? I've look for help all over the web, but it seems like if no one has encountered this problem before.
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I have the same problem, when clicking export i get the error "failed to export" ... does anyone know what the problem is?
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Solved it, you need to download the prores codec for final cut, it's not installed as default, just click on update and it will search and download the relevant stuff biggrin.gif
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I've been able to export the short clips, but having trouble downloading longer clips. Any ideas anyone?
I'm using a MacMini with 1GB of memory... I wonder if that could be the issue. Any ideas? Has anyone had luck?
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