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Unreal Engine 4 Demo

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The demonstration trailer for Unreal Engine 4 was released.

It mostly shows off advanced effects that PC gamers have seen before in actual games through highly demanding DirectX 11 and CUDA-based features, so the real test for the engine is getting all of this to run together in the most efficient way possible.

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Development video for the engine:

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That engine looks sooooo freaking good it makes my mouth water!
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Man maybe I'm becoming jaded but that really didn't impress me as much as UE3 did back in the day. The particle effects are decent, but the texture quality seems pretty average, especially on the character in close ups. The lighting is nice but animations seem clunky and the physics engine was unimpressive. The falling debris looked very unnatural to me. Overall for a pure console fan this is probably a tremendous step ahead but for me it rates as "eh". At least it seems PC games will finally start to be taken a bit more seriously, even if as a side effect of the new consoles.
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I think we are at a point where realistic expectations for visual improvements are extremely hard to define.

We are not at the point where ray tracing is sensible even on the highest-end desktop PCs, and rasterization can only go so far. Then there is the question of how feasible ultra realistic physics simulations are on even today's most powerful desktop CPUs and GPUs.

I believe that this engine represents a very good step in integrating all of the most modern features into a package that presumably runs well on today's best PC hardware, and makes things much easier for developers.
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Missing the point guys. Developers only have X amount of hours to make a game. The point of UE4 is to reduce iteration time. Reducing waste time on waiting for the editing kit to do routine things means more time for making actual content. The result is more detailed worlds through better use of human hours, not anything particularly special that the engine does in terms of rendering features.

Automatic lighting basd on a "sun" location is a pretty big thing though. Nothing else of note does that yet. Everything else still uses a form of baked in light combined with dynamic light points.
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if you were expecting cinematic like quality ue4 pushes it close to that but still far out. "next" gen is all about texture, resolution, and post processing effect improvement. Finally consoles games won't be in sub-hd resolutions upscaled to 720/1080... next gen is just an improvement in looks, performance, and extending limitations on what you can create in ue3.

ue4 is gonna be great for pc. Unreal Tourney reboot epic.....come back to the crowd that made you.
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