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YouTube Settings question

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I'm not sure this is the place for it, but I'm asking more about the program settings rather than the content.

I'm using YT's interleaved mode with an Asus passive display. For whatever reason, the interleaved version is eye-swapped. Anaglyph is fine, but on every single video I watch, I have to click the "Swap left/right eye" button. The function is built into the player, and doesn't rely on the NVidia settings (games and local video play fine).

My only question is "Why am I having to click this every time?" The program saves my settings in regard to overall format.. it knows I want to watch it interleaved, but I still have to click that little "swap" button every single time I watch a 3D video. And since I just got this monitor yesterday, I'm watching a LOT of 3D video.. hehe.

Anybody else figure a workaround for this? Or do I just have to suck it up and keep clicking?

Thanks in advance. smile.gif

Mods, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. smile.gif
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I've noticed the same thing. I think it's a YouTube bug with their interleaved driver.redface.gif
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I'm glad you said that. I just started uploading videos from my 3D camera, and thought my camera was broken.
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For me it keeps changing order as I change quality or player size. There doesn't seem to be a consistent behavior. I can't figure it out.

"Keep clicking," haha, true...
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Yeah, I've gotten used to it by now. I load the page, pause the video, up resolution to 1080p or whatever the max resolution is, flip left/right, go full-screen, then hit play. *whew*
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