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seeking advice: how would you do this?

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Just bought a new house. Here is a photo of the living room:

http://www.westmarkhomesco.com/Windermere/pages/030_JPG.htm (the tv is one of those plastic models)

The living room is my home theater room.

I'm not thrilled about the tv hole. It's too low (or maybe I'm just too used to my current above the fireplace location). I have a two year old, so I need to mount the tv somehow (the first thing she did was pull the plastic model over). All of my components will fit nicely in the cabinet to the left. I want to purchase a nice 5.1 surround sound setup. I have a built-in-the-wall system currently (it's staying with the old house). I like it, but I really want a nice pair of towers.

What would you do here? Pop out the shelf and drywall over the hole? Something like this guy?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm not a home theater expert but my vision would be; mount tv were that gold platter is.. in walls to the right and left and below tv cover that "tv hole" and use that wood cabinet for all my av equipment. I personally dont like the look of towers I like the sleek in wall look to me it looks more high end. but I hear that towers speakers are going to give you a big better sound... just my two cents . good luck
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Why towers? I have a set of towers and if I could it all over again I would go with bookshelves and a good sub. Towers are great, they're also big, an eye sore, big, always in the way, and big... Get the picture?

Do you have a budget in mind?
What type of display do you want ? projection/plasma/LCD

You have a few issues working against you.
1. Ambient light from that massive window. You're either going to need to tame it with curtains or get a very bright flat screen. Most likely both.
Motorized curtains or blackouts would give a great 'coolness' effect to the room and also cost big $$$.
2. Sound. It's going to carry throughout your entire house based on all the pictures I just clicked through.

A simple solution would be to get the largest flat screen you can and a mount that supports LCRs (Peerless MSA-301) . Buy something similar to Mythos XTR-50 slim speakers. Mount the TV and LCRs together in that TV hole. You could get a mount that extends so you can push the tv back in or pull it out. That may help with ambient light issues and give you a great method to tuck it away.

For surrounds. I would go with in-ceiling surrounds and put them behind your two cushion couch, aiming at the couch. Don't get surrounds that point straight down, you want the angled type. Like these..

BTW: Your basement looks like a great future HT project.
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Thanks for the input guys!

This isn't a true home theater... it's a living room. I'm not too worried about ambient light or sound in other rooms because of the open floor plan. I don't have a budget in mind yet. My main concern is how/where to mount the tv (for now at least).

I currently have a 42" plasma, which unfortunately will look sort of wimpy in the hole. But it's a nice tv and it's not time to upgrade yet.

I was thinking towers because I listen to a lot of music. I would say my viewing/listening habits are 60% movies/tv and 40% music. Also, aren't nice in-wall speaker more expensive than similar quality bookshelves or towers?

I like the idea of mounting the tv and left, right, and center speakers all in the tv hole.

And yes... the basement could be an incredible home theater someday...
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