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JVC RS2 Issues

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Hey Guys, I'm having some problems with my JVC RS2 and I was hoping someone could offer some advice.

As some background, my Pioneer receiver blew about a month or so ago and I just got it back from repair today. After hooking everything back up, I was getting no picture from my Projector. At first, I thought the receiver was still blown somehow, but I then ran an HDMI cable straight to the RS2 and I still got nothing.

The projector is "projecting" and displays the HDMI 1 box on the top right, but it says out of range. I have tried switching the cable to Input 2, but get the same result. I have also tried a separate cable and tried different input devices (PS3, Xbox, and Blu Ray player).

Something else odd, which may be unrelated: When I try to go into the projector's menu using the remote, the menu displays for a split second and then immediately closes. If I open the menu using the Menu button on the projector itself, it stays open longer, but still closes before I can look at anything.

Any ideas guys? I've tried just about everything I can think of at this point, but hopefully I'm missing something. It's kind of heartbreaking, since I've been without my theater for a month now and then this happens.

Update: I went and did some more testing, and it looks like the HDMI board on the projector may be fried. I hooked my Wii up using the Component outputs and it did fine.

I also think I might know what happened. DirecTV recently installed a dish in my front yard. My mom was over helping with some housework the other day and it electrocuted her when she leaned up against it. When I went to hook the receiver up today, I had already hooked in the HDMI cord from my DirecTV box. When I connected the projector's hdmi cord to the receiver, the entire thing sparked. After that, I noticed that the DirecTV box was super hot and wouldn't turn on.
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I know it's kind of an odd issue, but does anyone have any kind of advice for me?
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Originally Posted by Cloggerdude View Post

I know it's kind of an odd issue, but does anyone have any kind of advice for me?

Sounds like you already figured this out! Your Directv receiver was faulty and fried your HDMI board in the RS2. I would go after Directv for the damages.
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