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Optical audio out from TV to receiver - no sound...works with analog audio out?

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I just received an optical audio cable to connect my 42" Vizio TV to my Yamaha HTR-6040 receiver. I had it hooked up via the analog audio cables but because I currently have a 3.1 setup and plan to make it a 5.1 soon (I have the two other speakers, just haven't had the chance to hook them up yet and you really need to use digital audio to take advantage of a surround sound setup.

Anyway, it works fine using the analog audio out, but when I use the optical audio out there is no sound. When it goes through the auto setup it successfully finds and tests the left, right, and center channels.

I went through the user manual of the receiver and didn't find anything that I needed to do. I went through the menu on the TV and changed the digital audio from DTS to PCM and turned "Surround sound" from off to on. Still no sound.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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You'll want to leave the TV's audio out setting to Dolby Digital otherwise you'll just get PCM 2.0 when you do get it to work correctly. Do you have another optical audio source you can test (eg. cable/sat box) as it could be an issue with the TV optical jack or the optical cable could be defective. Also if your TV has an HDMI-CEC setting, try setting that to OFF.
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You should not need to do anything with the AVR. As long as you select the correct input from the TV and set it to Auto, you'll be good to go on that front. As jdsmoothie suggested, try connecting a DVD player to that input to see if you get sound. The problem is likely with the TV setup. With the some sets, you need to enable the digital output.

btw, the Surround mode on the TV likely only applies to the TV speakers. There's nothing the TV does to create surround on an external system. If you pass PCM from the TV, it will only be stereo since the S/PDIF protocol used for optical is limited to two channels of PCM. If your set can pass DD 5.1, it is simply passing through an encoded audio source from the source. The Surround setting on the TV has nothing to do with either of those outputs.
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The Vizio is built by LG..
And will output an encoded Dolby Digital 5.1 stream @ Optical Out if the original off-air program includes this...

Just my $0.02.. wink.gif
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Turns out (as far as I can tell anyway) the optical out on my TV is only for the "TV" input and does not pass through the sound from any other input. As I do not have TV I can't really test that but I hooked up my PC to the receiver using the optical audio and it works great so I guess I will have to do without digital audio out from the TV until I get a TV that has either optical out with pass-through for all the inputs or a digital coax audio out.

Thanks for all of the answers.
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I know little about AVS, so please dumb down your answer.  We purchased a new LG LED TV and have connected this to a 30-yr or older Fisher receiver with a digital adapter and fiber optic cord.  It works, but we cannot control the volume with our remote.  Can you suggest a way to do that?  We have no remote with the receiver, and we normally control volume with our DirecTV remote. 

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With your old TV, did your DirecTV remote control the volume of the receiver or the volume of the TV output to the receiver?

If the former, it should continue to work as it did before. If the latter, you need to see whether your new TV has what is known as a "variable" audio output. The audio feed to a receiver is usually "fixed", with the expectation that the AVR will handle volume changes. Some TVs allow you to change whether the output is variable or fixed.

If your new TV has a variable output, then you'll need to configure the DTV remote to control that TV.
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I struggled for a week to get my 47" M series Vizio TV  hooked up to my audio receiver - Yamaha htr-6040 - with both the analog and optical TV outputs hooked up. One of the analog inputs on the receiver is labeled DTV/CBL. One of the two optical inputs is also labeled DTV/CBL. What I found after going through all the setup menus and other unnecessary steps was that the television seems to prioritize the analog output as opposed to the optical. I stumbled on this quite by accident while trying different input jacks on the receiver. They would work but I had to use the receiver remote to adjust volume on the Surround Sound system as the the volume control on the tv would not change anything. The solution was to disconnect the analog audio cables and use only the optical. If you have the programmable Vizio Remote, you can then set it up to recognize the receiver, turn the internal speakers off on the tv and the Vizio Remote will control the sound levels. I also programmed my Blu Ray player and Direct TV satellite receiver into the remote and it is working very well. You can find the procedure on the Vizio menu under "Devices". My Vizio remote is the XRT 510.  Good luck as it can get really frustrating trying to interpret the language in the Yamaha manual and without an owners manual for the TV, it was a matter of trial and error for me.

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