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Regarding the jitter and white line noise problem, I actually spoke with a level 2 technician at Samsung (after a frustrating session with a level 1 tech - again).

The level 2 guy actually seemed to understand what I was talking about and said he would forward the issue to product support. I was surprised he agreed with me that the problem appears to be firmware (1022/1023) and he even asked for the Avsforum site and thread name to forward along with the details. I was further encouraged when the tech called back and asked for my serial number because it was required to forward to product support.

I also mentioned some ES6500 owners are having similar problems. I haven't checked the 7500 or 8000 owners threads to see if the problem is ubiquitous to the ES family.

As has been mentioned before, it Samsung gets enough input something might get fixed. You will have to speak with someone above level 1, however. When I asked the level 1 tech to reference my call from yesterday, he had no handy record of it. Sigh.
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The ES6100 line is also affected by this my 55" es6100 is a victim as well. So who ever at Samsung technical support is who is monitoring this thread.. please keep this in mind too for a future firmware update.smile.gif
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@Mavinwow - Can you confirm that you have connected a 1080p/60 device like an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3? Also, can you do us a favor and test over the period of 30 min - 1 hr on that device?

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Seeing so many reporting the same issue provides the kind of relief that actually having your car screw up AT the mechanic does. This is not a good situation. Samsung screwed this up royally.

It's clear they did not test at the resolution/refresh long enough (or at all). When speaking with someone from their Twitter support team, we talked about more than just this issue. When she told me that the "product specialist hadn't heard of this before" and that I was "the first person to report this" I got a little upset.

There's a reason that people are having a hard time reporting this. Samsung's knee-jerk reaction is to send out a tech. They have no efficient and easy-to-access mechanism for communicating findings like we have here. I asked her how exactly people were supposed to report this in a way that wasn't automatically deemed a hardware issue and she had no good answer. She agreed that it is a problem.

While the firmware might be defective, the bigger problem is Samsung's internal structure for dealing with consumers. Their Tier 1 people know absolutely nothing about the technology. They merely read off the screen. Between them and Exec Customer Relations, the decisions trees should have a "report to product specialist" node. This would allow educated users to more easily communicate with people who speak the language.

Are we mad about buggy firmware released into the wild? Sure. It's the lack of response, belligerent attitude and overall laziness of people on the ground level that are what infuriate educated users, though.

The horrible truth is that consumers are part of the QA process. Instead of partnering with us, they've made us adversaries. It's a problem, and it needs to be fixed.
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FYI This came off the samsung support Website (Notice the es8000 isn't listed)

1.This firmware is for TV Model(s):EH4500 / EH5300 / ES6100-7150
2.The version is 1023.2
3.This firmware update will improve the following:

- Supports Yahoo SyncPlus, TWP app and FamilyStory 1.5

- Resolves escaping issue while watching movie on VUDU.

- Resolves issue Cinemanow does not play certain title.

- Resolves compatibility issue with DLNA devices.

- Improves picture quality.

- Supports Samsung wireless Audio Dock

- Solves the problem closed caption does not show.

- Screws up your 1080P signals to piss you off
Well I added that one............
I will bet a million bucks that all above listed models got affected. Mabye the work infected is a more accurate discription. Man this is like a virus. I wonder if a pissed off employee did it on purpose... Not to spread rumors. But I sent a letter to the CEO
to take a look at this site and get down to the bottom of the issue for us ASAP!!!
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That would be correct, 7500 and 8000 have their own firmware updates.
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My E6500 plasma also won't display 1080p -.-

Tech support said best advice is too set your devices to 720 and 1080i...
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Then tech support are a bunch of morons. Yes, that works. It's a workaround, though. It is NOT a solution. The TV is supposed to work at 1080p and any assertion otherwise is absolutely ridiculous.
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So pretty much we are suppose to sit and wait for a firmware update? Ugh.

I wonder why not everyone's set in the E series or even same model is having this issue?
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6500 and 7100 are having the issue. 7500 and 8000 are on different firmware.
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Can someone else go into syncplus upper right hand corner and turn off, then go to the yahoo one listed and turn off and run dvd for awhile. See if it corrects the 1080p problem.
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The fact that Samsung can release a firmware without proper V&V and QA is inexcusable. This firmware has prevented me from watching 1080p and it has changed the picture settings for the worse (my picture settings are now locked in the Dynamic Mode and it looks horrible).

I don't want to have to worry about every future firmware update ruining my viewing experience. Therefore, I am returning this TV for the Panasonic ST50 or GT50.

Maybe this will get Samsung's attention (probably not). Good luck to you guys - I hope they fix it soon!
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Will check now, @MTCruiser.
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Errr... How do I access those settings?
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I have the 7100 I notice the update included stuff for syncplus. Smart TV also keeps adding syncplus after a full factory reset. My dvd menu screen was fluttering until I turned off the syncplus and yahoo broadcast. Turning off the TV will also reset the syncplus to default on. If this is causing the problem they need to get it fixed if not it was a coincident. but they still need to give us the option to not have it period.
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Syncplus is in the Smart TV menu
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Yes. I think you have uncovered the problem. Turning it off seems to fix the problem. Well done, sir.
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Problem is that it will reset to on it looks like after you turn off/on the tv. Let others try it and run the dvd for awhile, menu etc to see .
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Ok. I reset my SmartHub and did not let it update. SyncPlus is no longer installed. Will monitor to see if this works.
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Yes, but you narrowed down the problem further. This is more than Samsung's own people have managed to do it seems.
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Great...hope I found the cause or part there of and see if it is and they fix it without screwing up the firmware further.
Maybe someone with a other model besides the 7100 can try it out.
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This is terrific. For the amount of time I spend watching 1080P I can live with this as a workaround until Samsung releases a FW fix.
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OK. Goddamn SmartHub automatically updates even when you aren't using it. Trying Plan B: If you go into SyncPlus and then the privacy settings and uncheck (indicating you do not agree to their terms) it shouldn't be able to work.


Running a test now.

Test seems successful. Just go into SyncPlus and tell it can't touch your private parts.
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Originally Posted by Michael Futter View Post

OK. Goddamn SmartHub automatically updates even when you aren't using it. Trying Plan B: If you go into SyncPlus and then the privacy settings and uncheck (indicating you do not agree to their terms) it shouldn't be able to work.
Running a test now.
Test seems successful. Just go into SyncPlus and tell it can't touch your private parts.

Yep, did that, tested it, and the fix on 1080P survived a powercycle. I don't even know what SyncPlus is, I sure don't need it. Thanks so much for your work on this!
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Anytime. You see anything awry, please report back. Only way we can get them to fix stuff is to make noise together.
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Yep you beat me too it..turn off agree check box and that should keep it off.....
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Oh while I have you guys attention, can anyone recommend a keyboard and mouse that actually works with the 7100 TV
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So I got a call from a Product support person who was directed to call me about 12 hours after I sent a complaint letter to the CEO. He is VERY interested in resolving this issue. He stated that in his lab, the problem can't be reproduced. Thats real scary!!! My TV may get picked up and replaced as discussed with him for study purposes but I demanded a new one that has been TOTALLY tested for functionality as well as ZERO flash-lighting or panel iregularities showing up after 10-15 minutes of useage. This is not set up as of yet. So far I just sent him back an e-mail that listed my TV S/N along with the Version number. Once he gets a look at that, He is going to get back to me with the next step for correcting this BS issue. I also gave a link to the forum to view the many customer complaints regarding this problem.

Well at least now we know that issue is known all the way up the ladder so hopefully we will see resolution sooner than later. Regards to all, Mike
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Can't be reproduced? There is something VERY odd about that. Either he's not using a 1080p/60Hz device or it's set output at the wrong resolution. EIther that, or that firmware did a cubic F-ton of damage to the main boards of a lot of sets.
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I am confirming that this workaround worked for the ES6500 as well. Great work MTCruiser!!!

However, my TV is still stuck in Dynamic Mode. Anyone else having that problem? Is there a workaround for this one?
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