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For wireless keyboard and wireless mouse,
My "low cost" logitech wireless mouse as well as my "low cost" logitech wireless keyboard K250 work perfect. Also worked on the es6500's as well.
KB model # Y-R0008
Mouse: Cordless MouseMan Optical M-RM63
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The Dynamic mode thing SHOULD be fixed if you go into the Support menu and reset the TV. You'll lose the names of your inputs, but should allow you to adjust the picture again.
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@mgh26 Thanks
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Originally Posted by Michael Futter View Post

Can't be reproduced? There is something VERY odd about that. Either he's not using a 1080p/60Hz device or it's set output at the wrong resolution. EIther that, or that firmware did a cubic F-ton of damage to the main boards of a lot of sets.

Or he does not have syncplus app running
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l'll check in later to see if this fix is working or problem returns.....Later guys
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Yes, turning off SyncPlus seems to have worked. I own the PN51E550 model plasma and was going crazy. I am still waiting for a tech to confirm an appointment. I will tell them this problem and solution that shouldn't even exist. Thanks guys!
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Who ever figured out SyncPlus was the app that hosed all of us for the 1080P issue... GREAT ONE!!!!! I turned off the terms of service agreement by removing the green checkmark and so far. no issue. Recycled TV power and even left it off for a few minutes. rolleyes.gif THANKS!!
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wow I gotta try MTCruiser's workaround tonight, thanks for sharing!!!
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Hope that Samsung is watching a group of end-users identify, troubleshoot and solve a problem that never should have existed in the first place. Now I don't have to take my unit off the mount for service on Saturday. Maybe I'll let the guy come out so I can show him.
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Originally Posted by Michael Futter View Post

Hope that Samsung is watching a group of end-users identify, troubleshoot and solve a problem that never should have existed in the first place. Now I don't have to take my unit off the mount for service on Saturday. Maybe I'll let the guy come out so I can show him.

Have the guy come out, at least that way he can see the problem first hand and report back to Samsung. Maybe they'll listen to one of their techs, plus if they are having to pay for all these service calls for a firmware issue I bet they will update it faster.
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Will do. I am NOT taking my set off the wall, though.
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Just purchased the un46es7100. this is my first led and im looking for some advice regarding calibration settings and anything else i should know to get the best quality picture. Ive tried to play with the settings for a bit but im not exactly sure of what to look for. I thought about getting it professionally calibrated but i feel that may be a rip off. Anybody had any experience with that?
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Holy crap. They rolled the firmware back to 1022. Clearly, someone at Samsung has reproduced the error.

Can't update it online, though. Wonder if it won't grab it since they just called it 1022.2 and didn't rename it to allow for updating. Will try via USB.
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Very excited to see a workaround as well as Samsung pulling 1023! Someone finally listened to all of our complaints!

I'm pretty sure 1022.2 has this issue as well. When I first discovered this problem with 1080P @ 60fps, Samsung support had me update to 1023.2, which of course did not fix the problem.

I'm still not pleased with the overall picture quality of 1023.2 (maybe its just me) so I'll see if I can roll back to 1022.2 now that its posted?
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Though 1022.2 may improve picture quality I doubt it fix the 1080p judder problem. The 1080p problem has not returned yet since I turned off the syncplus last night.
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I'm expecting a call back from the Samsung Support person that actually got the ball rolling. Will speak with her about what's going on and report back.
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That was some good timing. Here's what I just got:
Good morning! Our Firmware team is working to provide a quick resolution. Service will not fix the issue and we do recommend cancelling your service appt. We'll keep you posted !^Sabrina

There you have it. We have made them aware of what's going on. They know now it isn't hardware. Firmware update in progress. Jeebus H. Christmas this was a giant PITA.
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Way to go, Michael!
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Certainly not just my efforts. The reason we have been successful is the open sharing of information among many. I didn't come up with the SyncPlus fix and wouldn't have even thought to look there.

I just happen to be really goddamn persistent with support calls. wink.gif
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I wonder how many people had a service call and paid for it for their DVD/BR players or returned them only to find out it didn't fix the problem......I know they wanted me to bring the player in , or pay $99.00 service call, to have it looked at, but I said no I wasn't convinced it was the player.
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Will 1022.2 install over the 1023 update?
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Haven't tried via USB yet, but it will NOT via download. I don't expect that the TV will take it off the USB either.
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Don't they even test this crap (Firmware Updates) before releasing them to the public?
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Just curious. Does the tv come with the updated firmware? Reason i ask is cause last night i tried the ps3 for the first time in 1080p and i had no issues with the picture.
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The easiest way to tell, @emppire, is to go to your Support menu, then highlight Update Software. On the right side, it will tell you your firmware version.
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Yeah team.. I also forwarded the info about SincPlus last night to another product specialist. I got an email this morning that indicated that he forwarded the info to the appropriate group so no question anymore.. They ARE working on it. I just hope the next release is just BUG FREE!!!!!!!
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Great !!! But I'm not going first...lol..I spent all day yesterday tracking down that SyncPlus hopefully thats is the root cause.
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Does anyone know what the best settings are for ps3 gaming in 3d? Thanks
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Just blasted Samsung for the jutter/1080p/60 bug on my 6500 today. So I feel like I did my part.

Only got to first level tech who suggested I replaced the main board. Instead of telling the tech to F*** off, I politely said, that's not the issue, and because I had to go to work, I didn't have time to escalate to level 2.

It sounds like there is a work around for the bug. (SmartSync). I have the 1023 firmware I believe, so I guess I should try and force an update again this eve. Can someone tell me what the differences between the 6500 and 7100 models? Is it just 240hz and the high contrast ratio? Worth the additional $400 bucks? I'm still within my window of an exchange, although would likely end up paying a bit more. Probably won't bother if a MAJOR PQ difference isn't there.
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The new update lists 1022.2 SyncPlus as a newly installed application so I wouldn't be supprised if it still mess's up the TV. Just had a live chat with tier 1 support . My question was "What is SyncPlus" What a joke. Here's the transcript.
Shane S: We do not have any information on SyncPlus. It seems to be from input source.
Shane S: I suggest you contact the manufacturer of source.
Visitor: no. it is in the smart hub as a new application
Shane S: Please hold on for few more minutes I am checking information for you.
Visitor: ok
Shane S: Thank you.
Shane S: There is no SyncPlus app in your TV. (So does this guy think I'm smoking crack?)
Shane S: Click on the link given below and fill appropriate categories to view the compatible apps for your TV:
Shane S: http://www.samsung.com/us/appstore/samsungappscompatibilityguide/
Shane S: Is the link accessible?
Visitor: what does that have to do with the question... What is SyncPlus?
Shane S: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Shane S: I am sorry; we do not have information on this.
Shane S: I suggest you send the screenshot of Syncplus to livechat@sea.samsung.com
Visitor: OK (I gave up

Anybody know the answer to the question What is SyncPlus? I just want to know what I'm missing. Regards
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