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I was wondering which Active 3D Glasses are considered to be the best for the Samsung F8500 ???  As i'm looking for comfort, fit and performance. And as I understand Samsung allows us to use other manufactures glasses as well.
I've read that some sync better than other Active Glasses with Bluetooth and others have better fields of view and so on....

what are your thoughts?

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I notice in a lot of compatibility options shown are the st50's or st30's. Are they interchangeable with the st60's? Should I consider them the same? Also, I found a pair on Amazon with these descriptions:

Support newest bluetooth 3D TVs of Samsung/Panasonic/LG, and Epson RF Projectors
Bluetooth communication method, work without emitter, Auto power off function, energy efficiency
Button Battery supports 100 hours continuously working time
High transmission lenses with brighter 3D video image, high-tech light-speed LCD shutter technology
High quality stereoscopic 3D solution, detachable Arms, light design, 27g only

yet the list of compatible tv's doesn't include the st60. Can I just assume that they will work anyway?
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Originally Posted by chepin View Post

Are there any projectors that use the "Full HD 3D" RF glasses on the market today or in the near future?



Originally Posted by woodyg View Post

Help me to understand this technology please cause I am really having trouble finding a solution...

In short, I would like to use Samsung SSG-4100GB glasses with my system, and to be honest it is due to the price 19.95 most places. I am hoping to add 3D to this years football experience, and need multiple sets of glasses, but I digress..

I have an Optoma 3D-XL converter hooked up to an ACER H5360 projector. I am using Comcast for the 3D signal.

I purchased the Optoma BC-100 rf emitter and hooked to the back of the 3D-XL with no success in syncing the SSG-4100GB glasses.

Obviously I have no grasp of how this technology works considering my assumption that the Optoma emitter would be the solotion. Is there additional information regarding how to do this, or is it simply proprietary equipment and I need to move on to another solution?

Thanks for any help



Originally Posted by Beechy View Post

i to would love to gather some more info on this as the cost of rebuying more glasses everytime i add something to my exsisting set up is getting way to costly

i to was hoping to use the sammy/panny rf 3d glasses on a optoma rf emiiter enabled projector



Originally Posted by KtrainHurricane View Post

I just bought the Optoma HD131Xe projector and was wondering if there is any way for me to use the Panasonic glasses I got with my ST30 TV with it...? Does anybody have a specific adapter that will work for this?


I've been reading around the tinterwebs for an answer to these questions for a few weeks.  The HE6 emitter (by 3DTV Corp), I've found on Amazon (dot com), will plug into the 3D VESA socket - even if the port was intended for use with ZigBee compatible emitters (I'm assuming but would expect VESA signalling is just a standards based signalling?); you can use this to enable use with Bluetooth active shutter glasses like the Samsung SSG-5100GB.  I've tested the emitter on an Optoma HD131Xe, with the Samsung glasses, and Hi Shock Pro5 glasses from 3DTV Corp (came in the starter bundle with the emitter).


The HE6 emitter won't work with the ZigBee RF glasses though.  If you need compatibility with those; the BC100 dongle is the way to go.  I bought a pair of the 3D Now 3DN-6000 RF glasses, and a BC100 clone emitter, initially, but was annoyed that the Samsung glasses I'd bought in anticipation of the projector's 3D features, wouldn't work.  This was what now seems like an eternity ago before I was aware there was so much disparity and lack of good information about consumer 3D gear.  I thought passive (polarized) lenses, and active shutter.  What else does one need eh?  Maybe supported framerates?  Fair enough....but the hell ride I've had - I was not prepared for that.  Oh well, anway - I have working 3D now and this was my first consumer 3D foray!


(I'm still a newbie here so can't post links yet, but if you can't find the emitter; private message me)

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