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Need a small sub, which one for a corner? room pic attached

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Hey gang,

Attached is an old pic (Christmas time, forgive the decorations) of our TV room. The only real place I can put the sub at this time is to the left of the left speaker in the corner. Thus, I'm limited to about 15" in the width dimension of the sub. I could MAYBE fudge out another inch if I had to.

While I hope we're moving in the next year or two and I'll be able to get something like the Captivator or the Submersive, I'm looking for something to fill the gap for the time being.

I've found the Outlaw LFM-1 Plus (15" wide), HSU VTF-2 (15" wide), Epik Legend (15" wide), SVS SB12-NSD (14" wide), and some others, I'm unsure of what might work best in my situation. Usage is primary movies, TV, and games. I'm worried that the ported subs (outlaw, HSU) might be a little too boomy in the corner from what I've read. But seeing at how this will be using this for home theater, the ported design would seem to make sense. If this is the case, would I want the bottom ported Outlaw or the rear ported HSU? Or would you recommend a sealed sub in my situation?

I'd normally give room dimensions in a thread like this, but in this case, I'm not too sure it matters, as I just need the best sub for the job that will fit within this space. The smaller the better, of course, for WAF, since this is in the main room of the house.

I'd say that I'd even consider the Energy S10.3, which is a little cheaper, just cause I don't know how long I'll have these room/size constraints and I guess I'd like to spend the least amount as possible, if I'm just going to be buying something better later on.

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How about these


One next to each speaker, you can say it makes things look more balanced.
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Those look nice, but since this room opens up to the kitchen on the right, no way I'd be able to put something four feet tall next to the right speaker.

I already had a svs tube and I think I'd prefer something more traditional looking too.

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Anyone else have any input? Maybe sub design or port location doesn't really matter?

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I'd go with an HSU VTF-2. I had one, an it's a hell of a sub. Of course I'm biased! But on the other hand I have also 2 Epik Legends...which are great for music,
and not bad for home theater. Since your main listening will be moves, the HSU will
do a better job. It puts out a tremendous amount of base, and is well balanced.

The sound is very much like the VTF-3/3 (which I also have), just in a smaller package.

Anyways good luck and let us know what you get.

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The Legend doesn't seems like the best choice, seeing as how the drivers are side-firing. That means one would be blasting directly into the wall, while the other is doing the same thing to your tower. Rear ported might be a challenge too, seeing as how there probably won't be a lot of room for it to disperse.

Your room size definitely matters, otherwise there's no way to determine if the sub you're considering will be sufficient to meet your needs. What is your budget? There may be subs that people suggest that will fit your space, but not your budget.
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The PB12 would be my choice. Simply because its an incredible sub and you don't want to squeeze a sub in there without at least an inch free room.

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Thanks for the responses. I moved the TV, console and everything else over and now have about 17" width for the sub, maybe another 1/4" from the floorboard to the left speaker.

The TV room is 1360 foot^3 and this opens up to the Kitchen area that's another 2400 foot^3. I'd like to stay around $750, under if possible. Again, I'm hoping that we'll be able to move soon and I've got my eye on the Submersive HP or Captivator subs. I'm really just looking for a stop-gap measure at this point. Looking for the best sub, within reason, that will work for the room now and then something that will give me as good of a resale value as I can hope for.

We don't watch all that many movies and don't necessarily crank it up anywhere to near reference levels. I just want to add to the enjoyment of movie watching and gaming in the room. I'm just unsure of whether I want to try and cram in a bigger sub, knowing that it'd be right up against the speaker and corner, or maybe go for something a little smaller and give it an inch or two to breath.
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Of the 4 you originally mentioned I think the Legend is still the only one you should probably eliminate, due to the reason sited above. Seems like any of the other 3 would suffice. The PB12 that raehza mentioned is another worthy contender, as is the XTZ W12.16.

One thing to note: on the XTZ website they say "Dimensions: (WxDxH) 19.5 x 13.5 x 15.5 inch", which is not correct. I own a W12.16 myself, and can attest to the fact that the dimensions -- as listed by XTZ -- are actually (HxWxD).
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I think I'm ok eliminating the Legend. I had just originally included it cause it fit the dimensions.

I do like SVS, but I think the PB12 is over 17" wide and that's going to be a bit too big for my space.

Thanks for the link to XTZ. I actually hadn't seen them mentioned before.
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Jay, thanks for the suggestion. I had a PC+ a while back and think I'd like to stay with a more traditional type of box.
Originally Posted by Jay1 View Post

You can fit a PC12 in there now.


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The Outlaw EX or Plus are likely your best bet. The down firing design wont be effected by your placement, and they're pretty powerful.
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I think you're probably right. I'm waiting for my login info to HSU's forum and I'll ask about placement close to a corner like that. For some reason I think I might prefer the HSU, but depending on their answer and who has the next sale might decide the answer.

thanks guys.
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Well, the VTF2 is rear ported, so you would need to pull it out from the wall 3-4" at a minimum to not effect the ports. The VTF3 has a side firing woofer, so that shouldn't be an option.
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I'm curious, why are the Outlaw's ports not affected by being so close to the floor (like the HSU's would be close to the wall)? Is it just a different design?
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Yes, the placement is accounted for in the design.
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