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Originally Posted by jimmy12 View Post

I'm also looking at trying out the 8600 (I currently have the w7000) as I'd like to stick with dlp because of the sharpness,but don't need 3d, and want darker blacks (JVC/Epson aren't options as I do use my pj for gaming).
I'm confused though - both projectorcentral and projectorreviews don't have much good to say about the black levels of this unit, which is contradictory to what is being said here (I know review sites have missed things in the past though...).
While I'm not familiar with the darkchip technology, I'd assume that the dc3 would be superior to the dc2 in the w7000 and given that my w7000 iris is unusable thanks to the noise (and it doesn't help that much anyway) and 8600 iris would hopefully at least be functional, it would have to offer better blacks.
What are the review sites talking about then and just how much better would the 2d image on the 8600 be than the w7000?

These guys have seen the best (JVC), so nothing but that impresses them. Do note that they give subjective comparisons and the w7000 sucks worse than the 8600.
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Well, I finally found the camera. It had found its way deep into the abyss of one of the home theater chairs.

So here are some pics comparing the black levels on the benq w7000 (bottom) and the hd8600 (top).
-Same feed (blu-ray, transformers 3 from ps3)
-Same screen (obviously)
-Theater is painted black (ceiling included), no ambient light
-Dynamic irises on (cinema mode 1 on HD8600)
-Manual iris on hd8600 all the way open - setting 9
-W7000 cinema picture preset
-W7000 on low lamp mode
-User picture preset on hd8600 (pre-calibration though, I had not yet done the brightness/contrast correction which improved things more)
-HD8600 on standard lamp mode (not bright)
-Canon Powershot 780is without flash (not a fancy camera by any stretch!)
-200 hours on W7000
-19 hours on HD8600

It's definitely not a perfect test (if I can even use that word in this context), so take it for what it's worth.

All in all, the HD8600 really is a fantastic projector. I'm very pleased with the image and would recommend it to anyone who likes the look of dlp and wants good black levels, and doesn't want 3d. And really, the best part of this projector isn't the deepest black it can produce, but in the in-scene contrast which gives the image so much more pop than anything I've had the pleasure of seeing (PTAE7000, W7000 from this year's models).

Gaming wise, both the w7000 and hd8600 totally meet my needs given their very acceptable input lag (for most) and excellent handling of motion. The HD8600 in particular is so responsive (even with frame interpolation on) and motion on it looks incredible. I'd be very interested in having someone do a lag test on it and would be very surprised if it doesn't have less lag than even the PTAE7000.

Anyway, hope this helps someone on the fence about either of these units. They're both awesome. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

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Your test is fine, it proves what we already knew to be true, the hd8600 beats away the Benq w7000 at black levels, so much so that even a test by plain eye could show that.
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For me it was interesting to see what "it has better black levels"' actually translates to on screen. I just haven't seen enough projectors yet to really have a good gauge for differences in black levels. I'd love to check out more projectors side by side... if only I still had my old ptae7000...
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Glad to see you enjoying the 8600! Your test says it all my friend. I've done similar testing and came to the same conclusions. My SP8602 had the same type contrast you're seeing with the 8600. I compared it to the Benq W6000 which is basically a w7000 without 3D. The image isn't in the same league!
So I know exactly how you felt when you fired up the Optoma. It's like watching your movies for the first time I'm sure.

Have fun!smile.gif
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congratulation Jimmy !

I´m a owner of a HD 87 since april 2012.

"So I know exactly how you felt when you fired up the Optoma. It's like watching your movies for the first time I'm sure."

This is my perception, too !

I wish a lot of spectactular cinema moments with this amazing projector.

Greetings from germany smile.gif
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Jimmy, were the projectors calibrated? Wouldn't the test be more accurate if they were calibrated with a i1 display or Spyder, according to lighting conditions, it may be that the Optoma handles the specific room conditions out of the box better.

I think the blacks would improve a lot on the W7000 with a good calibration to suite the environment, the new Color Munki comes with ambient lighting sensors.

The contrast has been improved dramatically with the latest firmware upgrades, improving black level performance also.

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My W7000 had the 1.03 f/w upgrade. The f/w upgrade did not have a significant impact (if any) on the W7000's contrast or black floor. I think the consensus on the W7000 f/w upgrade is that Art may have started with a really poor/defective first unit.

A full calibration of both units probably would yield improvements on each of them. The test was not perfect.

Having said that though, ignoring my poor quality photos and imperfect test, it's safe to say that the W7000's black levels and contrast are not its strong suit based on a lot of discussion on AVS and that the HD8600's black levels and contrast are far better (it is a dc3 unit compared to a dc2 which is part of the story there). This anecdotal evidence is also inline with the numbers as well (see the measurements at the bottom of each page below):

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The hd8600 has one of the highest native on/off contrast of any DLP projector under say about $8k, that's well known.
The w7000 (unfortunately) has one of the lowest contrast levels for a DLP under $3k.
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Has anyone ever compared HD86 HD87 to the SP8602?
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