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I have read different posts about this matter but haven't seen a definitive answer yet, at least I don't think I have.

Here is my set-up:

Samsung E7000
Directv DVR
1910 Denon AVR (non 3D)

To watch 3D via the PS3 I have an HDMI going direct to TV from PS3 and optical audio to Denon AVR. I am now interested in watching 3D via Directv DVR, however it only has one HDMI out that is going to Denon AVR.

Would a switch or splitter work in this situation? Putting a switch or splitter on the HDMI coming from the TV, then split off two cables - one to PS3 and one to DVR? Or split the HDMI from the TV - one to Denon and one to DVR?

Anyone have experience with this type of setup?
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