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The "Official" Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1020, RX-A2020 and RX-A3020 Thread - Page 5

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Koo... Thanks, that's what I was thinking..!!!
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Question for those of you that know YPAO.

I'm I correct in understanding YPAO basically

o Identifies the distance to each speaker for setting delays for time alignment;

o Identifies speaker size based on low end frequency cut-off;

o Identifies prominent nodes resulting from speaker/room acoustics and sets parametric filters to tailor the overall frequency performance;

o Sets the channel levels to balance the various speaker outputs for performance around a given position.

o and does little with sub management other than permitting one to chose a cut-off frequency

Have I missed or incorrectly understood some aspect of YPAO?

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FYI, I am being told new firmware to restore network streaming apps for the xx20 series will push out tomorrow, 10/25.
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I recently purchased the RX-A1010. When I was able to sell my Lumagen Radiance, I went to my local Yamaha seller (where I bought the a1010) to see about exchanging & upgrading to the RX-2020 and we made the swap today.

While the RX-A1010 was very good, I am hearing a pretty big difference with the A2020 post YPAO adjustments. I noticed the 2020 uses a different YPAO mic and wondered if there are some differences between the 1010 and 2020 regarding acoustic calibrations.

My production studio is a 16' x 25' space with the RX-A2020 feeding a 7.1 surround built with JBL Control 5 Monitors and a BIC PL-200 sub. I am using the MOTU HD Express to get video and 8 channels of sound over HDMI to the RX-A2020.
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Anyone else having problems with the picture dropping out on occasion with the 2020? It happens a lot on netflix where the picture goes to blue screen then flashes some snow then back to the image. No sound drop out only picture. Happens when I play blu rays discs too. I don't think it's the player. Never had that problem before. And I know Yamaha's are pretty steady with the HDMI. Any thoughts? If it happens again I may swap the receiver out. I'm still within the 30 day return.


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Try swapping in different HDMI cables as that is how a poor cable or poor connection will behave..
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I tried replacing the cables. Same thing. Gonna pull the power on it for a few minutes and plug it back in. See if that does it. Thanks for the advice though. smile.gif
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OK... does it take a period of time, time for the receiver to warm up? Or does the drop happen right from the beginning?

Does the drop appear to happen more when there are louder moments in the sound, particularly bass sounds?

Are all of your HDMI cables the same type/brand cable?

One test maybe worth doing... take the receiver out of the loop by using a HDMI extender to link up the source and the display. This way you keep the over all length of your HDMI cabling, just in case something about your total cable length is contributing to your problem.

As I noted earlier, I am a new owner of the A2020, so I will keep an eye on what you are reporting and post my findings.
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It's totally random. Not connected to any type of sound nor content. Does not happen at a regular interval. Sometimes it'll go 20 minutes without there being an issue. Other times it'll happen several times in a row. When I had my BD player hooked up directly it never happened. I don't have any long runs at all. 1 meter cable to the receiver from the BD player and 2 meter cable from the receiver to the projector. My bd player has 2 HDMI out so I may send the pic straight to the projector and the audio straight to the receiver and see if the issue goes away. If it does I'll just have it replaced. Getting another 202o though. Never had a problem with a Yamaha before. Assuming I may just have gotten a lemon.

Thanks again
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Unplugged everything and plugged it all together again and watched Star Wars on BD and no drop outs. So it may have been the HDMI cables weren't seated well OR there's an issue with the netflix app on my BD player. Either way no issues. Yay. Now lets hops the hurricane doesn't destroy my home Monday...

Thanks again guys.
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Or my home. smile.gif
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OK... Today/tonight was the 1st real test drive of the A2020. With the receiver set to "processing - 1080P" I had 5 losses of video sync to my vw90es video projector during 3 different movies. In each case I used rewind to try the same portion of the media to confirm it was not media related. The drop outs did not occur during loud periods of the sound track. As noted above, they were totally random.

I have set the receiver back to "direct" turning off the video processing. I'll follow up with another report soon.

What I experienced was a loss of video sync as well as a drop out of sound. Very similar to when you switch between direct and processing on the receiver.

Does anyone have a preferred tech support phone number for Yamaha? I would be happy to call and get the ball rolling on a solution if this is indeed caused by a software glitch in the receiver.
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How long is that HDMI cable from the A2020 to the projector?

It seems the newer amps are providing slightly less signal strength and so in long cable runs issues arise.
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The cable is a high speed monoprice HDMI cable @ 30'

As noted by eliocon, I have no trouble with any signal drop bypassing the 2020.

I would also note, have watched (2) movies without any drop outs since switching back to direct video mode. So my early conclusion would be the issue is related to the processing in the receiver.
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HDMI troubleshooting. Get your system in one place, usually in the case of a projector you'll probably have to take it down and bring it close to your equipment. Test the system with short HDMI cable less than 2 meters (6 feet). If the system works and doesn't with your longer cables you have a cabling problem, period! Find a solution for it, either a different cable, HDMI signal restorer or a balun. Remove all port savers, wall plates, 90 degree adapters, etc. Each connection changes capacitance and may be the straw the breaks the camels back. A cable between devices is usually best.

If the system doesn't work with short cables then I'd look at an equipment problem either in the settings or a problem with the equipment. Although it is possible to have a bad short cable it is less likely. It might be a pain to take down the projector or move the other equipment but until you isolate the type of problem you are having you can spend a lot of time chasing your tale.

A quick test without moving equipment is to change the resolution of your equipment to 480P and see if you get a picture. If you do it is probably a cabling problem. If you don't it could still be the cable on the DDC line, so it doesn't rule it out. Putting all the equipment together and using short cables is the best diagnosing you can do without test equipment. This can't be stated enough.

Also with the Yamaha you can try setting the monitor check to skip in the advance menu.
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Can anyone verify the new firmware update pushed out last week? I was told it was supposed to, but my 3020 won't arrive until Thursday. I did not pull the trigger on the 3020 until I was sure they were going to put the streaming apps back in, so this is fairly important to me.

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From Yamaha the update was not released last week. They are hoping this week but part of it has to do with licensing. With the old series they used a different chip but that had to be changed to get Apple's Airplay so they had to go through the licensing procedure again for the other service. That is what the hold up is. Friday they were hoping on this week but assured me it is coming but couldn't promise a date.
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My sync problem appears to be related to a short HDMI cable between the Blu-Ray player and the A2020. I tried replacing the cable to see what would happen and I was able to watch (2) movies without any loss of sync. These are older 2' HDMI cables that have given me trouble in the past and I should have probably thrown them away.
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I just had my A3020 shipped to me today! I am very excited about it and will be using 9ch in my main room and supporting a 2nd zone with HDMI video.

I went looking for remote codes today and found a firmware update with a date of today (10/30) with the following notes:

This firmware includes the following improvements.
1. Adds network music streaming services* *Music service availability varies by region.
SiriusXM Internet Radio (USA/Canada only)
Rhapsody (USA only)
Napster (Europe Only)
2. Improves YPAO multi-point measurement accuracy
3. Improves network connectivity with NAS drives
4. Improves operation stability
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Does the 1020/2020/3020 automatically offer the update when connected to an internet source and turned on?

I didn't see anywhere in the menus to check for an update.
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If the receiver detects that a firmware update is available then the first time afterwards you press the On Screen button on the remote it will show a message indicating that a new update is available and offering to do the update now. If you choose to do the update later then you'll an exclamation mark over the Information icon on the On Screen menu to remind you that there is a newer version of the firmware available.
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Hi just a few questions about my next receiver upgrade from a RXV1700B which still does a fantastic job however looking at expanding channels and a few more HDMI's to reduce cabling.
I run Australian VAF research DC-X fronts, DC-Xcc center, DC-7 rear and 2 powered VAF Subs
Trying to decide between RX-A3020 vs RX-V3073, but can only see minor differences between the 2 like HD radio and a one off mention that there were some better internal components used. What are your thought on the differences between the 2? I'm leaning towards the 3073 as i can get it for AUD$2350 with 6 years warranty total, otherwise i would have to freight one from interstate.

I had planned on using the 7ch bi amp + PF+ PR Configuration (ie biamping the front speakers (4 channels) and also running center + surrounds + surround backs using the RXV3073 and using my RXV1700 for the presence front and presence rear). I will still be able to use the Zone 4 HDMI out but cant use any zone pre outs on the main amp with that setup but will still have zones 2 and 3 to play with on the 1700. Do you think there will be a massive difference in SQ and sound stage with the extra 6 speakers and bi amping (not true biamping)?

Also what quality surround speakers would would you suggest, very good quality or would my 15 year old legacy Yamaha surround sound speakers do the job ok?
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Originally Posted by ls1lj View Post

see minor differences between the 2 like HD radio

FYI... I don't know if the HD Radio implementation is the same as my RX-A2020 but would imagine it is throughout the family. If you live where HD reception is sketchy and that's common, very common, you will not be able to utilize your FM Stereo when an HD station doesn't work. The tuner automatically switches to HD if present and if it's non-functional, leaves you there. You cannot disable the HD and listen to the otherwise perfectly good FM Stereo. The system will not allow you to select the FM once HD has been detected. Most HD Radio's permit you to disable the HD when the signal is too poor to receive properly. The 2020 does not.

In my area this prevents me from utilizing any station which has poor HD. That's a majority of my prime FM stations. So basically the tuner is limited to the second tier stations. I've spoke with Yamaha TS a number of times regarding this and they simply don't know about it, this includes their second level support as well.

I was told that you can set up the FM as mono only and it will go ahead and receive a FM mono signal. That doesn't interest me so I haven't tried it. I have hopes of a future FW update fixing this since one tech told me that the "mode" switch was supposed to provide for the disable and it does not at present.
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Only the American version of the RX-A3020 has HD Radio support, as HD Radio stations don't exist outside of the US.

Assuming it's the same as previous years models then the only differences between the Austrailian versions of RX-A3073 and RX-A3020 are the fifth foot and waranty length. The internal components will be identical.
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We only got SD digital Radio where I live a few years ago, by the time we get HD this receiver will be well and truly legacy equipment so not concerned with that feature.

Thanks for the info, WTF would they bother making two separate models then? So they could charge an extra 200 bucks for an Aventage sticker.
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Not sure why the difference but got my 3020 in Sydney for $2200 and very happy with it .
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i couldn't see how to make it do it from the on screen so i went into the advanced set up via the front buttons

updating right now

do i need to redo the the yapo ?

i must say im really pleased with this receiver(3020) much better than my old dsp-az1 which id had for quite some time

now not so please the update failed with an error code 2000 now the amp says rom error

not best pleased

any help would be appreciated

ok sorted found out there is a get out jail option to force the amp to update from the usb which worked smile.gif
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I experienced the very same situation last night. Update via the internet failed with code 2000 and upon re-power exhibited ROM Error. Totally dead, no reboot, nada.... Yamaha Tech Support had me go through the "USB Recovery" as outlined on their website. It saved the day. Very relieved. I really wasn't looking forward to sending this receiver out for service.

Note to self.... Don't do firmware updates on Halloween eve. Going through this with the door bell ringing off the wall and our dog going nuts was interesting to say the least....
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Originally Posted by ls1lj View Post

We only got SD digital Radio where I live a few years ago, by the time we get HD this receiver will be well and truly legacy equipment so not concerned with that feature.

HD Radio isn't "high-definition", it's just the trademark of the particular digital broadcasting format used in the United States. Arguably the DAB+ format used in Australia is superior HD Radio, but a lot depends on the compression level radio choosen by broadcasters. In Europe low bitrates have made digital radio much worse than tradational analogue FM broadcasts in many cases.

Note that HD Radio is the only digital radio format Yamaha receivers support, and only by high-end American models. Receivers sold elsewhere only support analogue AM/FM reception.
Thanks for the info, WTF would they bother making two separate models then? So they could charge an extra 200 bucks for an Aventage sticker.

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Checking the AH review found this:
First off, they need to fix the quirk where the Main Zone is automatically switched to Airplay when Zones 2 or 3 start Airplay. This one issue could prevent me from recommending this receiver to be the heart of a multi-room system for a family. I can just imagine is the frustration of watching TV and having the receiver suddenly switch to AirPlay because of someone using it in Zone 2

Is this true for the production model? or has a FW update fixed the issue?

Any idea if this is only for Airplay, or the same happens with any network (or non-network) source?
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