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5.1 In Wall Speakers + Subwoofer

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I am looking to construct a 5.1 inwall surround system into my family room. I am looking for some nice in wall speakers + Subwoofer. If anyone can recommend me a particular type of speaker and subwoofer that would be great! The dimensions of the room are 20ft wide by 15ft Height. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My budget is something that is very nice sounding and nothing cheap but also something that would not break the bank. Let me know. Thanks!
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Well, Monoprice at the bottom, and B&W toward the top-end of price. I had some audiosource that were fine for cheap, and my brother-in-law has some Boston ones that are decent. They are a bit hard to audition, I would suggest 6.5" over 5.5"
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Thanks for the reply but I know nothing about Audio. I was hoping for some links to 5.1 speakers + Subwoofer. My budget is around $900-$1000 for speaker + Sub.
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To get the most for your money, I would get five of these:

And for a subwoofer, one of these:

Well within your price range. The Boston speakers are factory refurbished, but they come with a full warranty and the seller is legitimate and I have purchased numerous refurbished products from them with zero issues.

If you are hesitant to buy refurb, I would consider these as well:

They one negative aspect of in-wall speakers is that they often lack bass, hence spending about equal proportions of your budget between speakers and a subwoofer.
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The Bostons have only 1 left in stock at this time.
I'm in the same boat with my selection.
I am currently leaning towards the Monoprice 6816 and the Epik Legend.
I am going with a 7.1 setup.
Speakers = $400
Sub = $575

Not a bad setup and I can upgrade the speakers later, if needed, and never feel bad about it.
Also, though probably not needed, I will have the option of adding some wood and caulking inside the cutout to build an impromptu box to direct more sound.
As I said, this most likely will not be the case as I haven't heard of anyone having problems with these speakers.
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