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Swan D1.1se+ matching center

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Looking for bookshelf speakers and matching center. Have listened to Energy 5,1's and RC10's, Aperion Verus Grands and Paradigm Studio 10's. Did not care for the Energy speakers and preferred the Paradigm's. However, the Studio 10's did sound somewhat bright to me, which is why I am still considering other speakers.

Read some on the Swans and considering the D1.1se+ and matching center channel. Anyone have or auditioned the Swans? Center channel for the Swan's is smaller than the Aperion Verus Grand. Swan sound better? Did not listen to Paradigm center but would not want a bright sounding center.

The Swans are less than the Aperions and Paradigms. Want speakers at least as good as these two. Spending somewhat more is ok if the sound quality is that much better. Any other brands to consider. Thanks.
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Can't help with any comparisons but I noticed if you enter the code
you save 50% off.
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How does the SE+ better the SE ?
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Originally Posted by unbridled_id View Post

How does the SE+ better the SE ?

Bi-wire inputs and improved cabinet damping.
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