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I saw the postings from KevBel about Stylish and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) & thought I’d read up on the subject & see how it works, especially with regards to Firefox since I really want to indicate which threads I’ve visited. I found this on the mozilla website.

About half way down the page there is a reply from cor-el and he shows 2 scripts. I did as he mentioned in his next reply & added the generic script to userContent-example.css and renamed it userContent.css.

It worked & made the visited threads a hot pink. Problem is it affected other websites.

Then I found this.

And this.

Referring back to the first link, I changed the first of the two scripts cor-el mentioned, the one which only worked with I made it

I deleted the line regarding the background.

Other scripts I saw just used the name of the color, so I used purple instead of #FF00CC.

That gave me this script

@-moz-document domain( {
a:visited {
color:purple !important;

I added that to userContent.css in FF profiles, resaved the file & restarted FF.
Now the visited threads show up as purple!

Here’s a bunch of CSS samples.

It may take a little trial & error, but I’m guessing you can change a lot of things on avsforum.