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65 inch tv stands with mounts

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Hello all, i apologize if this isnt the best place for this question.

the wife gave me the green light to upgrade. i know which 65 inch PDP i want but i cant find a stand for it. the top shelf is for the center speaker so there needs to be at least 8 inchs from the bottom of the screen to the top shelf. without going into detail this is the way it NEEDS to be done and if i cant work it out its a deal breaker:( ive been goggling for 3 days now and still nothing.)

anyone else with similar requirements and what did you guys do?

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I just got a Cheetah Mounts Tilting TV wall mount from Amazon and installed it over a simple entertainment stand today. It was only like $25 and had excellent reviews and was super easy to put up, I did the whole thing by myself and all I needed was a drill, a Philips head screwdriver, and a ratchet and 1/2" socket (since my cheap drill didn't have enough torque to drive the mounting bolts all the way into my studs). It also came with a decent 10' HDMI cable and a magnetic level to help make sure everything is straight. I am very pleased with it so far. I do recommend getting a 90 degree HDMI elbow though, cause with a standard HDMI cable, you can't really use the mounts tilt.
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Thx for the response. let me clarify....

im looking for a stand WITH integrated mount that supports a 65 inch plasma AND allows for clearance for a center channel speaker below the TV. i have no wall to mount to and a center channel that can NOT have something over top(like a middle shelf) i was hoping other large screen owners had similar needs so i could reference their solutions. it seems once you hit 65inch screens options fall apart due to panel size.

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I'm also looking for a stand. You might be able to pull off a "Freestanding" TV mount, and a separate low profile shelf.



Too rich for my blood - but in line with your budget.
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I've mounted my 65" VT50 to the Stolmen posts from Ikea using C-brackets and a wall mount. The center channel sits on a Stolmen shelf above the TV. This doesn't have another shelf above the center but the posts do extend above the center to the ceiling.

Poles and Shelf

TPK-5 Truss Kit

Wall Mount
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This is the one I have. Works great, and is on sale now too:


It can easily handle a 65" Panasonic, and my center speaker sits on the top shelf.
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What size center bhazard?
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Originally Posted by Del Cosmos View Post

What size center bhazard?

7" tall.

Don't expect to have a 12" tall center speaker on the top shelf. You should be able to stick it into the middle shelf with no issue however.
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I'm in a similar situation, yet I'm trying to place the center channel on top of the unit (below the tv). 8" Center
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