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For Sale:
Hafler 500 amplifier

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

The only things this amp has ever needed repair for is the ON-OFF switch and the relay, which were replaced two years ago.

If i remember right, they are rated at 20 amperes.


I bought this amp new and preassembled at the Hafler factory, and a short while later i had two sensitivity pots installed on the front panel, making it equivalent to the Hafler 500 Pro.

I also installed a computer type silent fan on the back to supplement the Hafler fan, as insurance in case the internal one would break down.

What can be seen on the amp's side are filters to prevent dust from accumulating inside the case.


It's in excellent working order.

One fuse holder in the back is partly broken, but still works well.

There are a few small scratches mainly on the top front.

Instructions for assembly and operation manual included.


Pick up only, as packing and sending it myself would be over my capacity.

Maybe you can have it picked up by a carrier if you live too far.


If anyone is interested, contact me at Gellidius at Yahoo dot com



It can be paid in CAD or USD, cash or certified cheque or money order.



EDIT: I'm now asking $100.00 for the Hafler, instead of $175.00

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