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by Mark Anderson

The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) on large, flat screen TV’s can generally be improved with more aesthetic placement of said purchase. Unfortunately, this often entails a construction project (negating any WAF gains). The IOGear Wireless HD 3D Digital Kit is a game changer (and WAF Buster).

About The Wireless HD 3D Digital Kit

The Wireless HD 3D Digital Kit (GW3DHDKIT) is a wireless HDMI (WHDI) and IR extender solution comprising a wireless audio / video transmitter and a wireless audio / video receiver. Unlike less expensive solutions, the IOGear product does not require line of site between transmitter and receiver, so will work through walls and between floors. The transmitter has two HDMI inputs, an HDMI pass-through output and a 2.5mm IR extender, which can be set to 38KHz, 40KHz or 33KHz. The receiver has a single HDMI output for connection to a display.

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