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Help on relays

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Does anyone have recommendations for good product line of relays out there?

What I thought was simple to find, I’ve been struggling with or is it so simple people are just piecing together their own?

I’m looking at controls for outdoor line voltage lights.

Plan to use low voltage motion sensor to trigger the lighting.

But, I’d also like to have the lights turn off automatically after a set time, you know your typical outdoor lighting. The motion sensor I want to use is an alarm type, so it doesn’t have a duration setting, just NC/NO trigger.

I’ve been struggling to find simple relays out there that also have a timer function built in.

Just a basic single circuit, nothing fancy, geared for residential. By the time I find what I want, I’m stuck with these several hundred $$$ industrial, all kinds of features, multiple relays model I don’t need.

An example of what I found, but it appears to have been discontinued, at least in the US, is the Optex LRP-105.

BTW, the sensor I’m looking is also an Optex product, FIT-ST:


I wanted something small outdoor rated of course(not a War of the Worlds looking thing), I could mount to a mailbox column structure I’m building.

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I've never used these Elk devices, but they seem to be very solid, from reading online.

Elk Magic Module

Other similar Elk components
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Thanks, looks like it'll work smile.gif
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Plz post back with results.
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