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Gears of War: Judgment

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looks like People Can Fly's Gears of War: Judgment is going to be different (a la Infinity Ward vs Treyarch). I'm not sure how I'll like the changes...


People Can Fly has also revamped the control scheme in Judgment to reflect the game's faster, more lethal nature. Weapons can now be swapped with a single button tap, or a press-and-hold move to switch to pistols. "We had three [Gears] games using a certain control scheme and it seemed to be working pretty well, considering the sales," said Chmielarz, "but once we put [the new control scheme] in the game and experimented with it, it took us like five minutes to realize this was the way to go."

Multiplayer is also seeing a bit of an overhaul in Judgment through a new team-based multiplayer mode called Overrun, which pits human COG players protecting a generator against Locust players trying to destroy it. Overrun is Gears' first class-based multiplayer mode, featuring new character types, each with its own unique weapon sets and abilities: medics that can heal companions, engineers that can put down protective turrets, and so on. While COG players work to repair and maintain pre-placed barbed wire fortifications around the generator, Locust players will earn points through damage, unlocking the use of familiar Locust creatures including Tickers, Wretches, Grenadiers, the Kantus, Bloodmounts, Corpsers, Serapedes, and Maulers during the match.

"The beautiful thing about Overrun is the synergy effect of combining the classes," Chmielarz noted. "We have the Ticker and the Ticker has this ability to eat a grenade. Somebody from COG throws a grenade, the Ticker quickly eats it, the team is saved, but then when [the Ticker] explodes, obviously that explosion is so much more powerful. So I was playing against our guys at [People Can Fly] and I saw the strategy of the opposite team was that they started with a Grenadier throwing their own grenade, had the Ticker eat it, had the Grenadier kick the Ticker in the butt so it actually goes over the fortifications…and then you have this rocket charging towards your generator with a grenade in its belly."

Judgment's story, setting, and presentation mess with the established Gears formula as well. The game tells the story of Baird, fellow franchise star Augustus Cole, and the rest of Kilo Squad fifteen years before the first Gears of War. Kilo Squad is on trial for treason and various other court-martial offenses, and each level of Judgment follows Baird's testimony during the trial.

This overarching story has a direct effect on the way gameplay will evolve through multiple playthroughs. Playing through a level once will give players the "classified" version that Baird first recounts in court. After that, players will have access to an unclassified version, which better reflects Baird's unvarnished recollection of the battle. Chmielarz said the "unclassified" playthrough will add crucial narrative details, different enemy types, and additional challenges like weapon set limitations or time limits. For example, Baird's "classified" recollection may have neglected to include the fact that a mech had been available to Kilo Squad during an engagement, but the mech will be there in the second, "unclassified" playthrough.

Chmielarz said that Judgment will feature more Locust simultaneously on screen than in any previous Gears game. Their behavior will be determined in part by the smart spawn system (S3), a new AI setup that analyzes player performance and location and uses that information to decide where enemies will spawn and what tactics they'll use. Thanks to S3, the developers said that players won't be able to learn and exploit patterns in the levels and that no two playthroughs of a level will be the same.

The major change Chmielarz has brought to the Gears franchise is upping the ante on the challenge level. "The big idea behind the campaign was that we want people to fear the Locust again, like the first time you played Gears," Chmielarz told Ars Technica. "This game is all about challenge... we believe that the fun comes from being challenged and overcoming that challenge."
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Overrun is basically a mashup of Horde and Beast modes so HOLY CRAP COUNT ME IN!

Bulletstorm was a fantastic, underrated game (despite its wretched writing) so I am happy People Can Fly is making this game.
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an article by some people who had a chance to try out the new Overrun mode:


So here is the list of changes to the gameplay for Judgment!
  • First Person Control Scheme: Epic and People Can Fly removed the clunky D-Pad for weapons swaps for several good reasons. In the campaign with the large amount of Locust on the screen, you need to change you weapons quickly and decisively. The D-Pad didn’t always register a user pulling our their pistol, and pulled out a smoke grenade instead. The new controller scheme allows for quick weapon swaps and trust us it works fantastically. It allows for faster gameplay and for your weapons to be changed out almost instantly.
  • Left Bumper (LB) For Grenades: This change is also to streamline the gameplay, gamers will no longer be forced to use an animation to stand up and pitch grenades. They can be thrown out quickly from cover, and if you hold down the LB you can aim the arc without exposing yourself to the enemy.
  • Stopping Power is Removed: We can confirm that stopping power was not in OverRun. The Lancer Assault did not slow down your opponents when they were rushing towards you. That is all we can say about this for right now.
  • Hammerburst Must Be Burst-Fired: We mentioned this in the portion about the Kantus. The Hammerburst can no longer be used like the Gears of War 2 or 3 Versions, where you could use rapid-fire controllers or fan the trigger normally. If you single fire the weapon, your shot will be accurate and without a kick, but if you shoot it quickly, aka fanning the trigger, it will recoil ridiculously high on the fourth shot. This weapon will require a lot more skill in Judgment.
  • Soldier Class Will Not Have Boomshot By Default In OverRun: As we mentioned above, Boomshot is overpowered and will be swapped out for an unannounced weapon before the release.
  • Longshot Now Hold 4 Rounds Per Clip: Epic has increased the round count to make the Longshot a more effective weapon for OverRun.
  • Control Sensitivity: Judgment as of right now has the same sensitivity settings as Gears of War 3, though this could be subject to change in the future. Our staff wasn’t aware we could change the settings, so we all played under default.
  • Frag Tags: Though we attempted to tag grenades during our session of OverRun, with the new control scheme we aren’t sure if they are going to be a part of OverRun. This is subject to more confirmation and change in the future.

I'm not sure what I think about changing the hammerburst. I love the hammerburst in Gears 3 (it's not useful in gears 2) with the iron sight. Let's not give more reason to stick to retro lancer, lancer, and shotgun.

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I am going to be happy to try this game out. I just replayed Gears 1 over the weekend and to me it still holds up as a great game (even though Raam still stinks). I am going to be replaying 2-3 as well and would love to have a #4 to add to the collection. Unlike some other franchises this one has not yet let me down.
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Also looking forward to this installment. I was saddened when it was batted around that G3 was the last of the series...then it was explained that it was probably just the last we would see of DELTA. Baird is probably my favorite of all the characters.
I sincerely hope People Can Fly will do it justice...Bulletstorm, while fun, was a poor poor story. And no multiplayer at all. (in fact, the only mention of true multiplayer on Judgement ... seems to be overrun? Essentially just a vs. mode of Beast)
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there is multiplayer in Bulletstorm.

And Overrun is not the only multiplayer in Judgment. but it's the mode that will help define People Can Fly's contribution to the Gears world.
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Well...I suppose it is in your definition of multiplayer. There is co-op play...I suppose I should have specified ..."VS" multiplayer in Bulletstorm.
I am happy to hear that Overrun will not be the only mode, though. And I hope they keep the multiplayer mechanics and weapons from Gears 3, I don't think I can live without my Retro Lancer ever again...
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Is this dated yet?
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Kevin G, Overrun is Beast vs. Horde, which will be the greatest thing ever! Shame on you for talking bad about it.

I bet they will still have Horde mode too.

There is no date for the game other than 2013. I predict March-April.
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Don't take it the wrong way here...I am not bashing the new form...(In fact Beast was a GREAT mode. I enjoyed it immensely) I was just voicing my fear that Judgement would be similar to Bulletstorm...and would have no vs multiplayer. Bulletstorm was a nice diversion, but let's face it...not a 60 dollar game. So far, I feel I have gotten all my money's worth out of the complete Gears franchise.
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