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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

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Picked this up a few days ago. As a fan of the series since the beginning, it was really a no-brainer purchase.

What's different vs. the original VF5?
- 2 additional characters (karateka Jean Kujo, and sumo Taka-Arashi from VF3)
- New stages with more variation in ring shape and fence configuration
- Quest mode replaced by similar but less involving "Special Sparring" mode
- License mode where you have to work specific challenges into a series of fights
- More unified move commands across characters
- Training mode comparable to VF4: Evolution
- Clothing customization via paid DLC instead of in-game unlock
- And most importantly...ONLINE PLAY!!

The new and returning characters are great, but online play is obviously the biggest draw here, and it does not disappoint. I only had one laggy connection over 50+ matches, and it warned me up front that the connection wasn't great. Otherwise, online play pretty much feels just as good as local multiplayer, but you get a huge variety of opponents. The game still looks great, too, which is a little surprising given that VF5 came out over 5 years ago.

VF5:FS is still one of the most technical and pseudo-realistic fighters out there, which is a plus or minus depending on your tastes. Personally, I love it, and it's a steal for $15 (or $0 on Playstation Plus, I guess...?) The only real question is whether the Complete Edition with all the DLC clothing is worth it for an extra $15. If you look at it as less than $1 per character for lots of alternate clothes it might seem worth it, but it's purely cosmetic and unnecessary, and there are a lot of dud items for each character. Plus, the core game takes up 2GB on the hard drive, and the Complete Edition doubles that to about 4GB, if that matters to you.

Series fans should scoop this up in a heartbeat. Fans of other fighting games who are curious about the series might also want to take the plunge, since this is the full VF experience for a bargain price. And if you have Playstation Plus, it's free, so why not give it a whirl?

- Jer
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I was actually debating rather or not I should buy it when I first heard about it since I bought the original Virtra Fighter 5 for the PS3 long ago but unlike the 360 version, the PS3 version had no online play. I guess what finally made me get it is when Sony decided to offer it for Plus users and since I have plus, theirs nothing to think about. The only complaint I had is not being able to do some moves as good as I used to. Maybe it's because I haven't played 5 in a while but Sega did change the balance a little and after spending a few days, I'm almost back on track to my original self. Seeing how I was still able to get a few to several online wins in a row when I'm still trying to get fully used to it, I probably would have been brutal if the original PS3 version of Virtual Fighter 5 had online.
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This may seem blasphemous to anyone who knows how to play and appreciate and good fighter like this, but trophy hunters will be interested to know (especially if you have Plus) that you can button mash (punch/kick) your way to 100% (no platinum) in this game in under 2 hours even if you never played a fighting game before. Only the license challenges require you to learn a few special moves, but the challenges involving them are a piece of cake.

It's a shame the developers didn't put more thought into the trophies in this game (it deserves a full set with a platinum). I know I would be disappointed if I was a big fan of fighting games...but I guess if you're really a fan, the trophies don't matter anyway as you'll keep playing online and playing offline on the hardest difficulty.
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I've now learned that you don't get the Special Sparring mode and can't see any of the other players' customizations unless you have the appropriate costume DLC, so I guess that's another point in favor of the Complete Edition for functionality (and a point against it in principle). Makes sense in retrospect, I guess, since the costumes take up so much extra HD space.

Played around with the DLC clothes some more and got Jacky to look surprisingly close to Albert Wesker from RE5...

- Jer
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