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Thoughts opinions on the Vizio E422VLE?

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Looking for a cheap/decent TV for the bedroom. My wife wants something in the 40"/42" range. The only thing it will have hooked up to it is a Segate FAT+ and using normal co-ax (no HD box). I looked at a lot of the bigger name brands and read some horror stories about all the models I looked at. I think I've narrowed my choice down to the Vizio E422VLE but I can't find hardly any reviews, just something on CNet and typical Walmart reviews. Anyone ever play with this model or can you point me to a detailed review? I've heard horror stories about Vizio customer support, any truth to that?

I have a few friends with Vizio sets and they have no complaints.

Or if anyone can recommend a 40/42" TV (anything except plasma) in the $500 range, I'm all ears.

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On second thought, after reading this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391221/issues-with-latest-1-12-vizio-firmware-update (and a few other Vizio hate threads) I've decided to go back to square 1 and keep looking. I remember looking into a Vizio TV a LONG time ago and reading about these random reboots and firmware problems. Seeing that thread jogged my memory and then I remembered why I should stay far away from Vizio.

If anyone from Vizio is reading this, take note. This is how your company goes out of business. By making crappy products, offering horrible warranty support and ignoring pleas of help from the people who buy your products.
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1st those where problems years ago. I've owned Vizio products for a couple of years. Yes at one time they had firmware problems, but they fixed those as any good company would. Your comments show a lack of understanding for a product you've never owned.

Bottom line Vizio is now know for quality products and service. If you look at comments they're either from a while back or involve a model from a while back. Vizio knows what it has to do in order to stay in business.
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I have this bad boy in my bedroom and it does a great job for the price and despite it being only 120hz.


Really didn't have to fiddle around for the settings too much for it to give me excellent picture settings. Definitely worth a look!
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We recently purchased a Vizio E422VLE - this is addition to three other Vizio flat screens that we own. I purchased this one to use as both a TV and as a monitor for SIM flying. It is great! Those posters who are bad mouthing Vizio haven't tried any of their products in quite some time. They rate right along with TV 's costing hundreds of dollars more. I purchased mine from Sam's Club. $488.

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Has anyone that has purchased the Vizio E422VLE had problems with the volume rising and falling? I've recently purchased one and it's less than 3 weeks old and I'm having problems with the volume. I noticed it mostly while using Netflix, but it happens on regular cable as well. I'll be watching a movie and the volume will go way down, causing me to have to turn the volume up, until it gets too loud and I'll have to lower it again. It didn't occur the first few weeks, so it sounds like it may just be this particular TV, until I read a few other posts about it happening to other people. Any suggestions?

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This is a great set. Vizio's bread and butter for many years. LG S-IPS 42" panel (excellent off axis color fidelity), wide viewing angles combined with rock solid MediaTek video processing. 120HZ is a nice extra on this set to deal with varying source cadence/deinterlacing/judder playback issues.

All brands have horror stories.

Vizio warranty service has been as good as any, better than many. They are headquartered in the US.
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this tv also has DLNA capabilities if you use Ps3 Media server.
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Reply to Stunt23:  I am having the same problem (volume rising and falling in Netflix).  Has anyone solved this?  (I see your post was 13 months ago)

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