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Help with Optoma 3D XL glasses flickering and switching between 2D & 3D

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I just picked up a 3D XL and my glasses keep flickering, changing color, and switching back and forth between 2D and 3D. I have a PS3 and and Xbox 360 hooked up to a Yamaha 3D ready reciever via HDMI, and the HDIMI from the amp to the 3D XL, which is hooked to my BenQ MX615 3D ready projector.

The projector is displaying the 3D image, but the glasses just won't sync up properly. I have the projector in a dark basement. I have played around with lighting, positioning, and settings to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was so excited to get this and now I am so disappointed. Seems like it works great right out of the box for most people.

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The batteries might need changed, if the batteries are weak the glasses will do this. Do you have DLP-link turned on in projector menu?
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I tried new batteries but it's the same results.

When I press the SBS button on the 3D XL, it says "3D" on the right hand corner of the screen, but the 3D sync option is still greyed out, even at 120Hz. That being said, it seems strange that the glasses would sync even intermittently as they are.

I am at a loss on how to make the 3D Sync option active in the benq menu.
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This is why the glasses are not syncing the 3d sync must be on to sync. Are you using bluray 3d or 3d sbs material? On my optoma hd66 as soon as 3d material is played the menu is selectable and I can turn 3d off and on and invert the 3d setting.
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I was testing it out with Black Ops on the PS3 and Xbox, along with a couple of other different 3D games on Xbox.

Once I turn on the 3d on Blackops, I get the 2 side by side images, then when I press SBS on the 3D XL I get the proper looking 3d picture on the screen and it even displays 3d on the top right.

Hmmm, I read that this is supposed to be compatible with BenQ. I hope I can find a way. I wonder if I hooked my PC up to the projector, if I could play with any of the settings?
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If there is no way to turn on the 3d sync, I wonder if the Optoma Rf emitter and glasses would work?
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I don't think this uses dlp-link after I read the manual, I would call benq and ask.
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I think I found the problem I read through the benq manual and I don't think this projector is dlp-link ready which is what the optoma zd101 glasses use to sync the benQ says 3d sync this is basically an on and off for the 3d so there is no dlp-link on this unit and the reason I think the 3d sync is greyed out is because your using sbs material and the 3d-xl processes the sbs 3d for you. I think you need to use rf or ir glasses the emitter will plug into the the back of the 3d-xl emitter port.
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Thanks Lewis.

I just ordered a 3D XL compatible emitter and glasses. I'll update when they arrive. I hope it works. I did a lot of research and it seems like it should work. My only concern is hoping that that BenQ really is putting out a proper 3D image without the 3D sync turned on.

I was able to turn on 3D sync when I connected my laptop to it's VGA port, even without a 120Hz refresh rate.

We'll see what happens. This project is becoming a bit of a money pit.

Hopefully my pain will be somebody else's gain if nothing else.
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yeah let me know how it goes, as for the 3d on the laptop the ben Q manual says a 60hz or 120hz rate is usable for 3d on a pc anything else it must be 120hz . If you can see 2 images a little offset from one another then it's in 3d you just need the glasses to block 1 eyestream from the other and vice versa. I've seen some projectors where they will only do 3d through vga port, but mostly they do it through hdmi and it must be used.
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