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Buffering Question

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I haven't followed the thread lately but I am trying to find out where my problem may lie.

The Rampart trailer from the Home Page (even @ 480) buffers from Vudu. Does everyone else’s?

I went to Vudu from my workstation but it does not (or I can’t tell) how to view the trailer in HD. Just asking before I start tearing everything apart.

1GB lan to Boxee.

Thanks all!
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Are you using a router right now? Here's what I recommend: get a good, quality router. I just switched to a Netgear N600 (WDNR3700v2) and the improvements in streaming video quality over WiFi was dramatic. smile.gif
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I bought my parents a WDTV2 for Xmas, and they love it. I was very surprised when I found out that it played VUDU HDX movies wireless without any issues. So, it might be your ISP as well. Vudu has a testing utility and it will tell you the best video you'll be able to play with whatever internet connection you've got.
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