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What 80 inch LCD would you recommend?

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I've been out of the loop for a while, so I'm not really up on the latest LCD sets. I'm looking to replace my trusty old Sony 60" SXRD with an 80 inch LCD. What is currently available, and is there anything on the immediate horizon worth waiting for? FYI, this will be going in my basement, so ambient light is not a concern.
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Any particular model?
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Sharp is the only manufacturer making consumer LCDs 70" or above, so it isn't ecaxtly like you you have a lot of manufacturers to choose from. You can either get their base 80-incher, the 80LE632, which is 120Hz with wifi built in for apps. Their step-up 80" model is the 80LE844, which has a 240Hz refresh rate. 3D, a web browser, and their Quattron technology (adds a yellow subpixel to existing red, blue, and green).

There's been talk of Sharp releasing an 80" Elite model later this year, which may or may not include 4K resolution, and would include an LED backlight with local dimming like the current 70" Elite model (The PRO-70X5FD). None of the non-Elite branded Sharps have a local dimming backlight. The price is sure to be astronomical though. If you arent familiar with Elite line, check out http://www.elitelcdtv.com to find out more.

Also, if you're looking for BIG, at least take a look at the newly released sharp 90"-er - the LC-90LE745.
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The 80" 632 series is one of the highest rated panels I've ever seen consumers review and rave about despite the fact it has no 3D and is more basic. No matter where I go to read reviews this panel dominates with it's high ratings by owners and it's a bargain for sure for such a massive HT panel.

13 Reviews on BB - 11=5stars, 2=4Stars

26 reviews on Amazon 24=5star, 1=4star, 1 lone 1 star and his review makes no sense as I own the best Samsung from last year at 60" and my previous 57" Sharp had a better WoW PQ than the new Samsung - the Samsung is cooler looking thru it's thinness and almost zero bezel but PQ cannot match the WoW factor of the 5 yr old Sharp I had before it - the Samsung screen uniformity and blacks with the lights out at night are a fraud - doesn't come close to a Sharp Elite as was proven in the FP Shootout in 2011.

If you have the higher end budget you'll likely see an 80" Elite around September. In the months ahead Samsung is expected to debut a 75" ES9000 and LG an 84", but with LG they talk big about a big panel every year at CES for the past few years and they've yet to materialize for N. American Consumers on any such large screen they touted at 70">.
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An 80" elite with a 4k panel for a cool $12K msrp... It sure would be nice to have something like that.biggrin.gif
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If you are looking for 80" plus, your selection at the moment is pretty thin. You have the two 80" Sharp's, one with 3D on without. You have the new 90" Sharp that has just become available. LG is supposed to have an 84" 4K LCD by the end of the year, but that looks doubtful. Also, Sharp showed a professional 90" with local dimming, which will almost certainly become the new 90" Elite when the 2013 Elites are announced in a few months. There should also be an 80" Elite for late 2012/2013 as well. Prices will range anywhere from 4K for the low end ones to over 10K for the high end.
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Thanks for all the great information, guys! It sounds like there are a couple sets coming out later this year that are going to kick butt. I'm also very intrigued by the two 80" Sharps that are out now. I'm assuming either of these two panels will blow away my 60" SXRD, but I'm wondering how they will stack up against my current flat panels. I currently have a last generation 60" Elite KURO in my family room, and a 55" SONY XBR8 in my bedroom. How will the two 80" Sharps compare in picture quality to these two sets? Will I need to wait for the ELITE to come out later this year in order to rival them?
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Originally Posted by westa6969 View Post

The 80" 632 series is one of the highest rated panels I've ever seen ...

I see on Sharp's site that there is now a 633 series. Is this set replacing the 632, and how does it differ?
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I live about 10 minutes from Abt, and I just saw on their website that they carry the 90" Sharp. I think I'll head over there later today to check it out. How far do you think you need to sit from a 90 incher? I'll only be about 12 feet away, and I'm concerned that this may be too close.
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So I saw the 90 incher in person yesterday. That is one impressive set! Darn pricey, though, and probably a bit on the large side for my situation. I'm strongly leaning toward the 844.
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