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Westinghouse ew46t4lz

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I bought one of these today for $599. It's 1.5 inches deep and has a very thin bezal around the outside. Very sharp looking. I have not set it up yet so I can't speak to the picture. Kinda why I posted. I was hoping someone else had used one already and could comment on picture quality especially for sports. Im building a bar right now and won't have it set up for about a month.

I planned on buying the samsung plasma (43 inch) from best buy for $429. But when I went in the display was on a snowy picture and before I could get help I noticed the 39 inch westinghouse ew39t4lz. Exactly designed like the 46 just smaller. Well when I saw that I had to find out of they had a 42 inch and turned out they had the 46 inch. Well it looked great on the showroom floor (but what does that mean).

Any thoughts let me know. Thanks
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I purchased this at Best Buy last week. I was expecting to pay $599 which it is listed for online. The price at the store was $499. I am happy with the picture except for one thing. light bleeds into the upper left and right corners when the screen is black. Typically this is only noticed when I am watching a letterboxed movie. I have contacted Westinghouse. They have instructed me to call a special customer service number. Otherwise the picture is great. When watching regular HD TV the picture takes up the entire screen, so I do not notice the light bleeding. Maybe this is a common problem with all LED edge lit TVs.

Also, Best Buy lists this TV as 120 hz. I am not certain that it is. The Westinghouse website does not include this spec. The 39" version is only 60hz. The reason why I suspect the 46" is only 60 hz is because when I change the channel, the tv displays the type of signal and the hz in the upper right corner. The only hz number I have seen displayed is 60. Still I have watched some sports and the picture is good enough.
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Would you recommend this television for gaming?
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