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HDCP-020 error using hdmi and analog video out at same time

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If this is not the right forum for this question, please let me know.

I have a SA Exp. 4250HDC STB connected (1) to Panasonic P65ST50 Plasma via HDMI and (2) to an SD DVR (ReplayTV) via analog video out. I am getting the HDCP-020 handshake error when the TV is off - SD DVR sees video error message but gets sound. As many have reported, this error appears on non-HDMI video out connections (even s-video out) when the TV is off as the STB cannot make the HDMI handshake. I wanted to see what you all thought might be the best option for me to work around this issue while keeping my SD DVR:

1. connect STB via component to TV (through receiver) and optical/digital audio out to receiver. In theory, this should not result in loss of picture quality. Can anyone comment on that? What about loss of sound quality using digital/optical audit out versus HDMI?
2. try another STB from Brighthouse - I think they have a Samsung model (#?), but I expect this is a universal HDMI STB issue from other posts I have seen.
3. connect STB via HDMI through receiver to TV. I do not currently have an HDMI compatible receiver, but I am curious if the receiver will keep the handshake intact when in standby (for example, when recording overnight). Anyone have experience with that?

Others have posted about using an HDMI switch to make the handshake with STB when TV is off. However, I have tried that with a HDMI switch recently purchased and that did not work for me.
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Your option 1 will work fine. Option 2 and 3 probably not. Which HDMI switch did you try? You need an active, powered switch like the two-way switch from monoprice (just under $25 as I remember). lots of people are using this and report it works perfectly in keeping the HDCP copy protection protocol "alive" when the HDMI-connected TV is "off".
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thanks for the advice. the switch I used it not powered, so it didn't work. I picked up an HDMI receiver to try option 3, but it is good to know that option 1 will work without any loss of quality. thanks.
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Yes, an unpowered switch won't solve the problem.
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option 1 was the only one that worked. didn't notice any change in PQ. tried option 3 by running it through an AVR3312ci last night and it did not work. thanks for your help.
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As I posted, using the right HDMI splitter will also work....
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I have the SA 8300HD DVR and get the HDCP-019 or HDCP-020 error codes.

I have read on this site that it is a firmware issue.

Is this "as easy" as calling TW and having them update my set top?

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I don't know if they do firmware updates. They have only swapped out boxes for me.
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Have the same problem with an SA 4250HDC cable box. Did swapping out the cable box help ? Or did you try something else ?
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Same problem with different cable box. I ended up using component cables.
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