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2910 Damaging CD's

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I am the original owner of my Denon 2910 DVD and it has worked flawlessly all these years. I've noticed lately that some CD's that I burned myself are starting to 'skip' and become damaged, usually towards the last few songs. Most of my burned CD's are on 74 minute different brand CD's. When they get towards the last few songs, like cuts 18 - 20 (toward the 60 minute mark) the CD will skip and fade in and out. I then try to play it on a different player and the same thing happens, but only after I have that situation with the Denon. I'm wondering if the discs are going bad or the lazer for the CD is going belly up? The problem has been going on for a while now. I don't have the problem with commercial (store purchased) CD's or any DVD's. Could it be time to retire the unit? At first I thought it was the CD's but it seems to be happening too often now. Could it be possible the 2910 is damaging the discs? confused.gif
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If they are looking scratched, buffed, then is an issue with the player tray assambly (not the laser). try pressing "STOP" before "EJECT" so you allow discs to spin-down - that should be done automatically if you press "EJECT" from "PLAY" but maybe it is not happening.
If the surface of the discs looks smooth, that try burning those CD's at lower speeds, not "MAX" - usually 8X should provide the best results. Why they start "fading" from last songs? That is the OUTSIDE part of the disc and that is the part that is written with the highest linear speed (by most modern CD/DVD-R that employ P-CAV burning), so it is most prone to dye fade out.
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