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Picking a second sub, compact/down firing preferred, $500-800

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Currently, I have an Axiom EP-500- which is a beast of a sub. For my installation, WAF dictated an in-cabinet type installation (See my sig for pics). For movies, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I still get room shaking low end bass. But it lost some of its punch for music, I'm guessing since it no longer radiates sound in all directions. Plus my theater room is almost square which is not good but unavoidable.

I can't liberate the sub for now. It's too big and I have 4 sets of little fingers, plus frequent visits from my bro in law and his three small kids, they are incredibly efficient at destroying anything expensive, so it helps to have the sub up front where I can see it and is mostly covered and protected.

I'm thinking about getting a smaller, downfiring sub that I could tuck behind/ next to the sofa, to see if that would smooth out the midrange bass I seem to have lost. I don't need it for subsonic earth moving duty, my EP500 does just fine with that.

I've been looking around at some of the Polk subs (dsw and dswmicropro on their eBay site), HSU, definitive super cube (not downfiring but compact). I really need to keep it sub $800 or so ($500 would be better). Looking back I can't believe I bought the axiom, a definite splurge.

Am I wasting money pairing a $500 compact sub with my EP500? Should I save up and wait till the kids are older and get another EP500? I could go with the EP350,  (in the budget) which is the same driver and enclosure, but smaller non-DSP amp, but I run into the size and kiddo issues.

Or I just suck it up and live with what I have, which is stellar, but I know it could be a little better.
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Always advisable to match your subs. However, people do mismatch. You could look at the Outlaw LFM-1 Plus, not quite that compact, but not overly big and well under your budget. Can dig to 18hz
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Epik has the Legend, not downfiring but sealed and dual 12" opposed drivers.
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Since your Axiom already digs down to about 18Hz, then I would suggest HSU MBM-12 MK2. It'll give you plenty of punch in the midbass range, fitting your needs and costs precisely.
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