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Best TV For $1,000

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I'm currently in the market for a new TV but only have about $1,000 to spend. I haven't kept up with TVs latley so what is the best TV I can buy right now.with that budget.in terms of picture and sound?

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can anyone help me?

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Aren't plasmas dangerous to use for gaming and HTPC setups with potential for nasty burn in due to stuff like desktop icons not moving and game UIs being static?
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There are reports of IR still being an issue. Burn is a rare concept these days, but is a possibility in extreme cases. If you plan on using HTPC a lot than LCD/LED would be the way to go.

For general gaming and light HTPC use (no more than a few hours sitting on same screen) plasma would be a viable option. You would get the best gaming/picture setup this way.

LCD/LED cannot touch ms rates of lower end plasmas cannot be touched by LCD/LED.

If you are interested in LCD/LED for gaming/blacks your best options will be:
-LG LM7600 (lag could be noticable) 30-40ms
-Panny Et5 or e50 (Great ms for a LCD) 25-30ms
-Toshiba 6200u (reports seem to be good on ms lag but no confirmations from reviews/tests)
-Samsung es6100 or 6500 (again no confirmed tests for lag)
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