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Hello, I just brought a new Sony camera which records high quality video in AVCHD. My problem is I cannot get any of the movies to play on my Smart TV. How do I go about on watching my videos on my TV without losing any video quality? I believe I can burn them to Bluray but I would like to be able to have it on HDD and be able to play it on my TV without the use of using a Bluray.

Any advice would be fantastic as I have given up.

Thank You
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What model Sony camera do you have and what model smart tv? If your camera has hdmi out you can connect it directly to one of your tv's hdmi ports and play them with the camera.
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I have a Samsung Un55d8000 TV and a Sony DSC-HX30V Camera. I do know I can connect the HDMI wire but my problem is I'll be taking many videos in the upcoming month and I would like to be able to put them on my external HDD and be able to plug my HDD into TV and play or at least be able to put my memory card into the TV but that wouldnt work either.

Thank You for your reply
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Are you having a problem accessing the files using the tv's interface when connecting a HD or inserting a memory card into the tv? What does the tv say when you try to play the files? Does it say "unsupported file format"?
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You are new! Welcome to the camcorder forum.

I have a HX9V, similar to your HX30V. I have a "smart" Sony 55" TV, so know nothing about your Samsung.

What works best for me is the previous model to a Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (link).

It takes nearly any video file on nearly any media, including an external HD, and sends it to an HDMI port on my TV. It comes with a remote and useful menu structure. It has a long list of other features that I ignore.

My process starts with using the software that came with the camera to copy my clips to my computer and catalog them. In your case I think it is called "PlayMemories". I can also use that software to join or edit clips creating new files of equal quality to the origninal. Or, I might use a third party editor with more creative control, but the output will not be equal to the 1080p60 .m2ts files. I then use Windows to copy the files to a USB powered HDD that I plug into the media player. I can send the file from my computer to the HDD on WiFi, but it is slower. I end up with a convienent way to watch what I want and a backup of video files I think are important.

There are other ways to do it. Some TVs and BD players will accept USB devices such as external HDDs, thumb drives and SD card readers but results seem to be mixed. Some BD players will read the original format .m2ts files copied on to standard DVD data disks. The Sony PlayMemories software will create a version of disk called "AVCHD Disk" on a standard DVD. And, there is always the option of buying a Blu-Ray burner.

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