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Lamp life...  

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just a quick question.

When you see all the stats for lamp life, 2000 hrs etc, will the projector 'stop' at that rating, or will it keep ticking after it exceeds it. Can you keep on using it? For crts the tubes gets burnt/used/whatever its called. Will the lamps for dlp and lcd do the same? or will they just pop like a lightbulb when they get too old?

Thanks :)

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They'll more than pop...They can explode, possibly damaging your projector.
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gotcha... so.. basically you check hours every now and then, and when the lamp life is done, you change..


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Many projectors will no longer start after you have exceeded a certain number of hours. You could, of course, reset the lamp counter and keep going. The risk of a bulb explosion is the reason that the projector may limit startup.
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Depending on the way the lamp is build - they do pop - some do have glass in front so when they pop you don't get glasspieces raining down.

Lamps with glass in the front does not damage the projector when they pop.
My advise: tjeck your lamp in your projector (open the projector and look at lamp) if there is glass in the front - nothing will happen when the lamp pop (no light though) - the projector will not start when the lamp is done.
Don't through an expensive lamp away before it pops!

Also keep in mind that when they say 2000 hours, this is in very special conditions (ie only fired once and then ran 2000 hours)... It might only last 1600 hours...

So don't wait - enjoy it while it lasts ;-)
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An obvious worry for all projector owners!! I have a Mitsubishi XD200, and have never seen a menu option that gives you a count on the hours used on the lamp. Does anybody know if there is such a feature, or am I going to need to keep track manually?
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