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Just ordered an Epson 5010 and elite sable 120" screen

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Figured I would plunge into the projector realm! Any pointers? settings? anything else I should know? I am a noob at this did a lot of research and think I did well on my purchases, what do you guys think? biggrin.gif
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Yes, the Epson is a good one.
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I'm enjoying my 6010, I think you'll love it. Maybe you seen this write up involving some settings? http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/home-cinema-5010/calibration.php
It may give you a starting point but calibrations should be done after you have some hours on the bulb, say, after 200 hrs.

If your ceiling mounting, try to keep the lens within a few inches above/below the top of the screen. Center and level the pj, by rotating/tilting the mount to get a square image onto the wall. Then use the lens shift knobs to move the squared image into position, onto the screen. The horz knob has a slight indention, you can feel, that indicates where the center position of the lens is.

There was a firmware update http://www.avsforum.com/t/1399426/update-for-the-epson-tw9000-5010-is-ready/240 that you might want to apply if yours is still on the older firmware. That thread has most of the information you'll need. The 5010/6010 are almost identical, where the 6010 has a THX setting, but both projectors have been discussed in the +$3000, -$3000 pj forums, so lots of info can be found about the unit(s). Enjoy!
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Cool Thanks for the info! I am setting everything up this weekend! can't wait till I get back in town everything is sitting at the house waiting.
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I have said it many times and am starting to sound like a broken record. Copying another person's settings literally has the same chance of making it worse as it does better. Not a good idea in the long run.

Some settings, such as iris, lamp mode, etc... are more subjective, so you can mess with those more. But things like contrast, brightness, color temp, etc... all are very subjective to the specific setup (including source equipment, screen, even the room itself).

I am not saying trying some out is necessarily a bad idea, but nevertheless be cautious, especially if your eyes tell you something doesn't seem right...
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soon to buy my first projector, therefore I'm unsure and hope to get some advise here. The use in order of priority will be for 1. Movies, 2. gaming, and 3. sports, followed by TV. No 3D needed, but concerned about resale ability when i'm ready to upgrade.

I like the breakdown on the thread below and was thinking about a JVC or Epson.


Then, what screens works best with the projectors recommended?

Room will have minor ambient light except for movies, walls will be painted a dark neutral, no blacks. I haven't decided on the ceiling color yet since the room will double as a media room for the daytime and kids.

All advise is welcome!!
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Good Morning,

Welcome to the club, and I will admit I have been a projector owner for 2 months.

I bought the 6010 with the 135" elite screen and I could not be happier. Using a Onkyo 5009 for my hub and I also splurged and bought a Darbee Darblet which was the perfect finishing touch to a fantastic picture. Amazed every time it is turned on and the quality of the picture.
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Thank you viper for the real example. Is your elite screen white or gray/silver? I am also concerned about the screen size, 16:9 or 2.35:1 since i hear blurays are projected in 2.35:1 and leave a part of the screen unused. Do you have this issue? Did you test the darbee before and after to see the true effects?
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No problem at all.

The screen is the elite screen from amazon, 1.1 gain bright white screen. I am a prime member and had a 100 credit so I think the total was around 285. Thought the quality was excellent, even if it cost 500 I would consider it a deal.

The darbee I bought a couple weeks after setting up the epson. Wasn't sure if it was needed as it looked great already but reading what others from the forums had to say I took the plunge. I thought the results were fantastic. Best money spent in terms of picture quality.

When watching 2.35:1 movies, it really doesn't bother me at all. I figure I had been watching them on my Samsung Led and it didn't bother me so the projector should not be that much different. I will say that I do watch more TV than movies so the 16 :9 ratio works for more of what I watch. For TV I am running directv's HR-34 and everything from the history channel to on demand 3d or espn 3d look excellent.
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Very helpful again thank you! Tats a pretty good price, not to mention the discount. I was actually looking at the new monoprice gray screen for $400 I think....

Did the Darbee increase the epson's darks or contrast? I cant imagine it increase an already bright picture.
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As for the brightness and the darbee, I would say it is about the same but the colors and the edges are much more defined (contrast). Also, when you look at the picture comparisons online it really does not justify the actual difference it makes when you see it in person.

With your room is it 100% light controlled or will there be ambient light. From the people I have talked to you will get better results with the gray in a room where there will be some light. Also, if you plan on running the Epson in normal mode and not eco mode be aware that the fan is noticeable especially in quiet scenes.
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Good to know about the fan! The room should have significant light control but probably not 100%. Probably some small LED strip lights for my wife who could walk into a table right in front of her (with the lights on biggrin.gif) and possible a light off white color ceiling.
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